Last week due to Diwali, it was very hectic for all of us. Distributing gifts and exchanging Diwali greetings, made us stay on the roads for long. The traffic and the distance, made us eat outside a lot. We were also in celebration mood and hence eating outside was not a fuss at lot.

We have been to couple of places last week, but here, I would like to mention 2 places that I visited with my family. Earlier I did not get the opportunity to dine at Sandige, however have been to Café Di Ghant.

I had heard great reviews of these places from my close friends and decided to take my family along. Sandige was also in news for it’s authentic Mangolorian food.

I will come to sanadige, later, as let’s discuss Café Di Ghant. This cute looking café is located on the second floor of Cross Point mall. Like most of the malls in Gurgaon, this mall too doesn’t have any glamour and lacks the ambience of being lively.

This café has been one of my favourite place in Gurgaon and I have been here many times for meetings. I have also just been here to enjoy their salads and coffee.

Since we were in Gurgaon and it was lunch time, we decided to eat at Di Ghant. We ordered pasta in white sauce with chicken for Namann. The server happily accepted the order, though it was not listed in the menu. Another order was Branteghem , rosemary and paprika roasted chicken , potato gratin and olive jus.

Dish arrived on time and both of them were very appealing, especially the chicken, as it looked fabulous and shiny.

Then came the moment – first bite of the chicken and it was very salty as the olive jus had lot of salt. Chicken was perfectly cooked and so were the side vegetables along with mashed potato. All of it tasted perfect, however the salt content ruined the dish. Even the pasta was good, however I found the salt content high. Well, we were hungry and finished whatever we could, however couldn’t enjoy our meal and it was ruined for us. Salt is such an essential ingredient. It enhances the taste of even unpalatable food and its absence and excess both can make the food taste bad.

With this experiences comes a very basic question as I often hear on various social media that it can be a bad day for a restaurant. Tell me, what about the customer or the guest, who have come to celebrate their special day at your restaurant and one silly mistake, ruins the entire experience. Who is responsible for this and who will cover up for it? I had a similar experience at Café Delhi Heights last year when I went there to dine on my son’s birthday. I have not been there ever again.

I don’t think people have any answers to such experience. Being in service industry it’s very important that your guests be happy. Some of you may ignore such incidents, however for me, it gets difficult to try out the place again!

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