I am not an expert on tea, but I enjoy my daily cuppa of hot tea. Whatever the season be, it turns out to be a tasty beverage and with variations can be consumed hot or cold. Though my taste has evolved over a period of time, yet I don’t consider myself to be an expert on tea.  

It is one drink that most of us can’t live without and I had started taking tea while in college. We weren’t allowed to take tea during our teens as my dad and grand mom were against the thought of teens drinking tea. This drink was meant only for adults

I have lovely memories of college time of drinking tea in the morning at the tapir which used to be at the gate of our hostel. The early morning super strong milk tea along with sutta was a great start of the day. (Yes, smoking is injurious to health and I do not smoke now)

Our way of drinking tea at home was different. My dad had good looking tea sets. Milk and sugar were kept in small pots. Dad’s favourite was Darjeeling tea which he used to get from one of his close friends in Calcutta. That set used to look very fancy. When I started drinking tea in college, I always wondered what difference is the taste of serving brewing tea and tea leaves being boiled in milk and water – well those were the days of wonder and developing new habits of drinking tea

Later, I developed my interest for coffee and I almost didn’t drink tea for couple of years. I felt horrible in drinking dip teas during my stay at fancy hotels for official purpose, where I used to stay during my work.

My experience changed as well. Roseate House now has one of the finest tea from TWG at their restaurant and for guest room as well.

I got an opportunity to try their blends and they were excellent. We tried crème caramel, Imperial Oolong , Breakfast Earlgrey and Harmutty Assam Tea.

Crème caramel

This is a delicate red tea from South Africa blended with French spices. With a little hint of gar you actually don’t need to add sugar. Also this has more anti-oxidants than Green Tea

Imperial Oolong ,

It’s well balanced and semi-fermented tea and has a long lasting taste – a perfect all day tea.

Breakfast Earlgrey

As the name says it’s a perfect breakfast tea with little hint of citrus because of bergamot.

Harmutty Assam Tea

A second flush Assam variety that is strong and rich in flavour.

Whenever you go to Roseate House and Roseate New Delhi, don’t forget to try their finest tea from TWG.

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