The Popular Music Themed Cafe From Safdarjung, Depot – 29, Makes Its Entry Into Gk-1, N-Block Market As Depot – 48

I would summarize my experience at Depot 29 as engaging and full of surprises. The burger, empanadas, quesadillas and the tacos were kickass. During my visit to Depot 48, where 48 represents the area pin code, I expected some great surprises too. Some dishes were nice and some disappointing. Chef Ritu Dalmia has crafted a very unique menu but the serving staff goes overboard with its recommendations and actually tells you not to order a particular dish because it ‘tastes bad’. I ordered a Watermelon and Feta Salad and the server actually told me not to order that dish as it will ruin my entire meal. I didn’t understand why he was so under-confident about the, food and lifetsyle blogger, abhishek swarup

It is so heartbreaking to see the Chefs work so hard but the lack of training on the part of the server brings down the entire dining experience.

So finally, after giving in to the ‘recommendations’ of the server we tried Quinoa & Chicken Salad. I tried its vegetarian version at Depot 29. It was a really healthy dish and a lot of texture was added by mint leaves, promegranate, and pinenuts. However the real flavour came from balsamic drizzle and I feel it should have been used more generously.

Best part of my meal were the non-veg sliders. Each of the sliders i.e. the lamb, the chicken and the fried fish were well executed, well presented and each one had its own distinct flavour. Spanish Artichoke & Spinach Dip that’s served with homemade Tortilla Chips was another interesting dish. There’s hardly any dip that doesn’t go well with fresh Tortilla Chips. This one was served warm that complemented its creamy yet leafy texture., food and lifetsyle blogger, abhishek swarupThe Fish Empanadas with a high dose of capers and roasted peppers, served with Spicy Avocado Dip didn’t appeal to my tastebuds for the simple reason that the flavour of the fish was lost somewhere.  Even the Panko Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel in a spicy tomato sauce was just about ok. The chicken breast was a devoid of the required juiciness and the spicy tomato sauce it was topped with couldn’t help much either.

My favourite dish of the evening was Baileys Chocolate Mud Cake. It was truly sinful and its every bite accompanied by the ice cream took me to heaven., food and lifetsyle blogger, abhishek swarupOverall my experience was not as good as Depot 29 but surely I had my share of thrills. The interiors are almost at par with Depot 29 with musical theme. The walls are adorned with pictures of various artists and the restaurant entry is decorated using audio cassettes. Some of the well known artists such as Arko Mukhaerjee Collective, Tajdar Junaid and Blue Breakfast have performed here.

Tip: Though there are lot of interesting options, choose your dishes wisely while going through the menu as the server’s recommendations may not necessarily turn out to be the best.

Quick Facts

N 3, 2nd Floor, Greater Kailash 1, N block market
New Delhi, India
011 4508 1948
Meal for two – 1600( without taxes and alcohol)

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