Of vintage wine I am a lover;
To drink deep would be my delight;
If ’twere not for the bleak hangover
I’d get me loaded every night;
I’d whoop it up with song and laughter –
If ’twere not for the morning after.

For though to soberness I’m given
It is a thought I’ve often thunk:
The nearest that is Earth to Heaven
Is to get sublimely drunk.


                        –Robert W. Service


Not my words but this is exactly what I felt when I visited the ‘Globe in a Glass’ event organized by Sula at Lodi- The Garden Restaurant. This exclusive showcase of world class wines and other exceptional spirits was any connoisseur’s dream come true. As I entered I was enchanted by the vibrant display of wines from various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, South Africa and Argentina apart from the captivating range of Sula wines.

We kickstarted our tasting session with the award winning range of Accolade Wines. Among their range Hardy’s, hailing from South Australia, is the most appreciated and has won more than 9000 awards. I tried the Limestone Coast Chardonnay which had lovely rich notes of peach, stone fruit and lemon zest. This white wine was definitely my favorite of the lot. From the same group ‘Kumala’ wines from South Africa and ‘Mud House’ Wines from New Zealand also had fine characteristics. While the white variants are supposed to be served chilled, even the red ones were being served slightly chilled which I feel was an ideal temperature considering Delhi’s hot climate.

Le Grand Noir Wines of the Jean d’ Alibert Winery in France were impressive too. While the rich red Pinot Noir is a brilliant creation of the cold climate structured with top notes of raspberries, cherries and strawberries, the red Cabernet Sauvignon was blessed with flavors like vanilla, pepper and dark chocolate. Coming to Italian wines ‘Chianti’ and ‘Orvietto Classico’ hailing from the house of Ruffino were really good. While the ultra premium Chianti is a classic Tuscan red wine and carries fruity and spicy notes, the Orvietto is a fragrant white wine with nose of fresh flowers and green apple, and a citrusy aftertaste.

While stumbling across various other wines and liquors the last ones we tried were the extremely well balanced Trapiche Wines from Mendoza situated at the Andes Mountains, Argentina having all the good characteristics of wines produced at high altitudes. We tried the ‘Vineyards Malbec’ red and the ‘Oak Cask Malbec’ red and to my surprise the former i.e. the cheaper one tasted way better than the latter.

I am thankful to Sula for showcasing such a lavish spread that gave me so much insight into the various processes by which different vines are produced and various factors which influence their taste. Among other liquors the depth and complexity of Mount Gay Eclipse Rum of Barbados blew me away. Another wonderful experience for my palate was the Brazilian liquor Pitu. Though made out of sugarcane it is different from Rum, has subtle fruity and floral notes, and is mostly used for making cocktails.

Even though Sula Selections is one of the leading importers of wine and spirits in India and the display here was truly phenomenal, one could not ignore our country’s very own glorious collection of Sula wines and out of the lot I found Riesling white the best.

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