We all love Chinese, isn’t it? Of course we do. Chinese perhaps is one of the most popular international cuisine in India. It’s another thing that we have now adopted Chinese in such a way that every region has their own style of Chinese. 

But we all love eating Chinese. I spoke to couple of my friends to understand what makes us enjoy Chinese and what makes it so special! Most of them had almost similar answers – stating that it’s light, has more flavour, is tempting, less spices  and if they end up eating more, they don’t feel stuffed. Well, that’s the magic of Chinese cuisine and also the reason why it’s so popular in India.

What I specifically feel that the food is diverse and there are variety of dishes with ingredients, textures, temperatures and cooked in a way that offers to suit your palate.

Last week I was invited to Spicy Duck. It is a recently launched Chinese restaurant at The Taj Palace that replaced the Blue Ginger, India’s first ever Vietnamese restaurant. Spicy Duck is Chinese speciality restaurant serving food from Cantonese region of china and also serving pecking duck, the hottest Chinese dish, in 2 course.

peking-duck-, spicy duck t taj palace, mysticfoodiemantra.com
crispy spring roll (mushroom and milk in truffle oil).

When Blue Ginger opened, I believed that it was little ahead of time. At that point, people e were not exposed to global cuisine, the way we are now. Now we get to know a lot about international cuisine through food and travel shows on television.

But with Spicy Duck, it was kind of reliving the memory of Tea House of the August Moon that was shut down in 2009 to make way for the Blue Ginger. Tea House of the August Moon was the finest Chinese restaurant, the city had ever seen. The kind of popularity that Chinese cuisine enjoys, it surely is the right step!

The interior of Spicy Duck is minimalistic yet elegant. It doesn’t have that typical red colour interior that sometimes looks identical in every Chinese restaurant. The look is modern and classy; cubicals are nice for more privacy during dinning.

Food at Spicy Duck is mainly from Cantonese region and the duo chef Chef Leong and Chef Oon are here to make sure that your gastronomy journey lasts for long! Chef Leong is duck specialist and has worked in India. He knows the palate of Indians and has tried food at various places and understands choices and tastes of Indians.

His two course pecking duck is phenomenal. First course serves duck roll, with slices of duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion juliennes. Well it’s the best I have eaten in town. These ducks are imported and have the right amount of fat that is required to have more crispy skins. Try it and you will love it.

Apart from duck, Spicy Duck also has specialized dimsum chef  – Chef Oon. You shouldn’t miss steamed shrimp and scallop dumplings, ying yang dumplings (squid inks) and chef’s signature crispy spring roll (mushroom and milk in truffle oil). Yes milk – you heard it right! These dishes are pure bliss.

Spicy Duck is definitely a welcome edition in city’s fine dining scene, and Chinese being one of the most preferred cuisine, this place will surely attract guests for it’s simple, elegant yet flavourful dishes.



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