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I was stuck in multiple traffic jams and experienced road rage because of which I arrived for my spa therapy at the Wellness Center of Marriott Suites Pune feeling irritated and angry. Hence I chose two therapies- Deep Tissue Massage and Traditional Thai Massage from the spa menu to work on my mind and body. After changing into a disposable undergarment, I lay face down and my therapist Maveni started the warm up with the soles of my feet and proceeded to my back.

Next, she applied warm lavender oil and by the time she reached my neck and shoulders, I felt my pent up anger and agitation fade away. My neck and shoulders tend to accumulate stress and massaging them helped to ease me and I relaxed. For the soles of my feet, Maveni used her knuckles to massage the oil in while for the legs, a combination of long sliding strokes and knuckles were used. An express head massage is also included in the therapy.

Along with her expert massage, the instrumental music with gurgling water playing in its backdrop helped to calm me completely as the sound of falling water is believed to calm the mind. Post my Deep Tissue Massage, I was looking forward to the Traditional Thai Massage which is a combination of activating pressure points and stretching. This helps to remove the knots of the body and relieve pain.

For my upper body, the stretches included Bhujangasana which was done in a series of three repetitions. When you lift your torso from the spa bed you inhale and you exhale as you come down. For my lower body, all the muscle groups were stretched thrice in succession. In a Traditional Thai Massage you work along with your therapist to improve your blood circulation and flexibility. As I sipped my green tea, the foot reflexology area looked inviting. ‘Next time I would come back for it,’ I thought happily to myself as I headed out.

Marriott Suites Pune

81 Mundhwa, Koregaon Park Annex,

Pune- 411036

Telephone- 020 6725 7777

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