We all admire excellent stuff which we experience, whether it’s travel or fine dine. We all love to experience the finest of the food, wines and cocktails. Patrons like us who are very keen and passionate about knowing what the best places around the world, is for them, Michelin, the tyre company started their own list of world’s finest eating places.

Now not only we love to eat at those places but we also like to delve further to understand what makes their food so special. We still don’t have Michelin rating restaurant in India, but according to our food experts, we do have several restaurants in India, that if given the chance, can be in the list of Michelin guide.

Chef Ollie Dabbous ,Mixologist Oskar Kinberg, #MichelinChefAtTheLalit, mysticfoodiemantra.com
Charred salmon with toasted cauliflower & sesame dressing

Well I was lucky enough to experience “the Michelin” right here in Delhi, Lalit Hotels invited Chef Ollie Dabbous of the famous Dabbous to India and hosted a dinner where he prepared four course meal for selected guests and along with him Mixologist Oskar Kinberg churned out some kick ass cocktails for the evening.

It was for sure a wow moment when I met Chef Ollie Dabbous. His simplicity and down to earth behaviour impressed the guests.

Chef Ollie Dabbous ,Mixologist Oskar Kinberg, #MichelinChefAtTheLalit, mysticfoodiemantra.com
Grilled lamb fillet, crushed green herbs & toasted gram flour pancake

The dinner was hosted by Mr. Keshav Suri along with selected media people at the new grill room at The Lalit New Delhi. Oskar Kinberg’s first cocktail that I tried – Dillusion (Hendricks gin, dill, cucumber, elderflower & lemon) was cool and very refreshing. I was sipping Whiskey Business (Jim beam, cocchi di torino, fino sherry, passion fruit, gammel dansk ) and gorging on the charred salmon, which surprisingly doesn’t have that strong flavour of fish and was perhaps one of the best I have had. Toasted with sesame dressing and humble cauliflower, charred salmon was star of the day. But wait, next one was lamb with crushed green herbs & toasted gram flour pancake – the delight for any meat lover. The flavor of lamb that was complimented by the gram flour pancake was absolutely delicious. I wish I could order one more .

The dessert – Strained yoghurt with barley, raspberries, rose petal & pistachio was the perfect dessert to finish the memorable meal. I must say that this dinner was one of the most memorable experience I have ever had. Impeccable food, very courteous staff and uninterrupted service makes this dinner even more memorable!

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