Let me ask you a simple thing……How would you feel if you don’t get appraisals on time?
…..If people wouldn’t appreciate your hard work?…what if people start questioning your efficiency?

Awards and recognition are part and parcel of every industry. All of us have been eating and praising the food, then why shouldn’t we recognize and nominate them for astounding work!

I would love to share some interesting points.

Indians are born experts as critics and have their opinions. This includes awards that people get. We question the credibility that is bestowed on the nominations. You may not agree, but we get to know about popular and successful chefs and restaurants through their award winning achievements (or nominations). Awards boost morale and chefs receive respect for all the hard work that has been done and these awards recognize the top performers and thus showcase their strengths.

Yet, people think that all awards are biased and you can buy them.

I would like to share that we all have a very personal and biased approach on everything. This includes film, politics and even food. We have our own list of favourites and subconsciously follow it. The moment our opinions differs, we react to the news, judgement and decisions. We are shocked to hear the nominations or even the selected winner. As humans, it is natural to get biased, however why do we stop questioning ourselves on the apprehensions and doubts that we raise on seasoned and highly qualified and professional people?

It is easy to question someone’s integrity, just because we aren’t convinced. It’s rather disappointing to see that we have a problem with every appreciation that comes in other people way. Yet, there are those who love to discuss and continue to live with the idea that these awards are rigged. I am not sure by demeaning the importance of awards,  what satisfaction does one get and here I am trying to make a point on recognition, hard work, genuineness and sanity around such awards! Should we not focus on improving ourselves and look at the brighter side and try and appreciate the positive outcomes?

As Abhishek rightly said “I think awards are really good motivating factor and bring out the best in the chefs and the restaurateurs. But the jury must consist of renowned and ethical people and there should be a proper criteria and check list on the basis of which winners are selected. “

I spoke to lot of people and was seeking their opinion on these awards that takes place for the hospitality sector and people have very different views on it.

Majority of them feel that these awards are only for earning money, and lot of people can actually go to any extent to buy these awards.

I wouldn’t agree. If I look at the panel of jury, really don’t think that they can be biased. I firmly believe that these awards are good for the sector and it motivates people to perform better. These are the kind of recognition which everyone looks forward to.

We all look forward to awards, recognition, and appreciation at the end of the year.. They (read: chefs) put their efforts and are always on their toes. They too work under humungous pressure and are passionate towards their work. Then why shouldn’t we appreciate when they are being awarded?


Come and think of it – how would you feel when no one appreciates your work.

You should always come forward and cheer for your favourite people. You may have difference of opinion but that’s doesn’t mean that other are totally incorrect or biased.

I think it’s high time that we should show maturity and start appreciating excellent initiatives.


Picture Source  –https://www.morganmckinley.ie/article/it-cork-host-another-great-leaders-awards-ceremony


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