Our metro cities have lot of diversity. Thanks to the immigrants who came and settled in the metros from different parts of the country. Besides this, they have their community and tradition, which adds color and zeal. Along with it, comes food and festivals.
Mumbai is one such metro where people come from different parts of the country. Being a financial capital and a dreamland, people from across globe, flock the city. Some came recently and some came ages back and became part of this maya nagri.
One thing which i truly believe is to be able to fall in love with Mumbai, you need to live here and understand the charisma it carries. This city grows within you. I have spent a decade here and I am in love with the city. Food too offers diversity and is a paradise! The coastal delicacies that has its root from South India or the food of coastal regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka or for that matter from our own gujju land – each has blended here to provide uniqueness. Bohari and parsi too came to Mumbai via Gujrat. The influence of parsi cuisine in mumbai is quite visible – be it bakery or the bawa sweets ,the mawa cake or the irani chai.
Food discussions on mumbai is incomplete if you don’t talk about parsi cuisine.

According to history parsis cames from Iran and first settled in Gujrat and parts of Mumbai. However Parsis are now integral part of the city. Delhi hardly has any parsi influence and we actually have not tasted much of parsi/Iranian food that is easily available in Mumbai.

Radisson MBD Blu Noida celebrates parsi cuisine every year where they invite Chef Kaizad Patel from Mumbai and host a ten day long parsi food festival at their award winning restaurant Made in India.

My favourites from the parsi food fiesta was baby chicken pharcha( fried chicken) and bhejeli kaleji( chicken liver). Both were excellent and reminded me of my experience at one of the parsi marriage that I had attended in Mumbai.

Though I missed patrani machhi(I had paneer instead) but I thoroughly enjoyed Tarapori Prawn Patio( cooked in tomato gravy, little bit of sweet and sour) and Salli Jardaloo Murghi( chicken cooked in apricot, one of the signature dish of parsi cuisine).

You can finish this scrumptious meal with lagan nu custard and mawa cake.

This is one of those rare opportunities where you can relish parsi food right here in delhi. You shouldn’t miss this festival.

During 14-23 October for both Lunch and Dinner
For table reservations call : 120 430 0000




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