This is going to be my first ever movie review. I always have a very different perspective on movies and that’s been the main reason for not sharing views. This being my first movie review, I asked Naina too to share her views. Well you will be surprised to read 2 different perspectives

My views:

Ae dil hai mushkil – modern or rather newer version of KANK. Ranbir and Aishwarya’s love story didn’t have the chemistry! No passion!. Infact the movie lacked passion…, songs were good but picturization wasn’t great. Karan johar seemed confused this time. Anushka and Ranbir’s chemistry was the repeat of ranbir and Deepika romance/friendship. In the end too it was totally confusing. Second half was full of drama and fully filmy. Missed the midas touch of Karan Johar. Fawad khan couldn’t prove his acting skills here as well.

Naina’s verdict.

I didn’t go crazy over the movie. The 1st half seemed to drag a little and I couldn’t understand much of the “innocent fantasies” that people want to live. But appreciate the way those innocent fantasies were portrayed. Initial phase portrayed similarly to what we had in tamasha. The second half is what I enjoyed more. The pure craziness in love that Ranbir displayed and the strong friendship that Anushka longed for; the chemistry between ranbir and aish, which actually isn’t sizzling because of the right reasons. Karan Johar had rightly put it – it’s the story of unrefuted love! If you haven’t gone through these emotions in life or haven’t seen anyone going through it – it will be difficult to relate to it. I hated KANK too, but enjoyed Bajirao Mastani (BM). BM was of a different league! If you are a Karan Johar fan, don’t go with any expectations. This movie has defined the craziness of unrefuted love in a sweet manner, yet I somehow feel, it could have been better!

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