The vibrant beauty of Shimla has caught attention of travelers from all around the world.  No wonder the British chose it as India’s summer capital. One thing I really like about this lovely hill station is that the surrounding hills are still very green, untouched by the deforestation, and the best part is that they overlook the mall road adding to its charm. In my every trip, my major focus is food. Sometimes I fell for good ratings on the internet and stumble into places that serve horrible food. One of such places is Alfa Restaurant located at the centre of the mall road. Well, not all experiences were bad, and I follow my own instinct to find good food. Below I have compiled a list of some of best things I discovered there.

  1. Chicken Momos at ‘Dim Sum- Chinese Fast Food’, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimlaI’m sure you can get better momos in Delhi but as far as Mall Road in Shimla is concerned, this place is the best bet. The dough is a bit thick but the flavour of the chicken inside was nice. As far as the variety is concerned don’t be tricked by the name of this eatery. We tried the Thukpa and the Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles too and both were great. Their in-house chutneys are brilliant and we got some packed.

  1. Salads at ‘Cafe Simla Times’, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

Named after Shimla’s oldest newspaper, this place, apart from providing fantastic views, gives you a glimpse of the history of the city with photographs and paintings in the indoor seating area, depicting the major landmarks and events of the city. Their food is inspired by various cuisines. We asked them to improvise their salad by creating a mix of Chicken Caesar Salad and Veg Pasta Salad and they were happy to oblige. They used grilled chicken instead of smoked one in the salad and trust me, it was the best salad I’ve ever tasted.

  1. Softy with Crispies at, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

When you take the tourism lift to the mall road and walk towards right, on the right hand side you’ll see two ladies running a stall outside Embassy restaurant and they specialize in many kinds of ice creams, cakes and cookies. We tried their Softy with Crispies and it was indeed crispy. The rice crispies frosted on chocolate is something you will definitely like on a softy.

  1. Honey Hut Special Milk Shake at ‘Honey Hut’, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

USP of the reasonably priced food and drinks at Honey Hut is that they are prepared using honey instead of sugar. Honey Hut has an outlet in most of the hill stations and they sell packaged honey as well. Their Lychee Ice Tea and Honey Hut Special Milk Shake both were great. This particular milk shake had a hint of coffee too which I loved.

  1. Aloo Tikkis and Samosas with Chhole at Prem Chat, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

Of course this is perfect comfort food, esp. in a cool climate. This chat shop is also located at the heart of the mall road, you’ll just have to get down a couple of stairs.

  1. Kulcha Burger from local, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

This is just another version of our ubiquitous Chhole Kulche, only the style of presentation is different. It may be hard to locate a local hawker selling these, but if you spot one, do try it. They add a bit of potato as well to make it taste more like a burger. I located one selling these at the main road outside tourism lift (lower floor).

  1. Bun Tikki from local, abhishek warup, what to eat in shimla

You may also find a hawker selling Bun Tikki. I could not resist the sight of it and tried one straight away. The guy who was selling this added some veggies, spices and chutneys to give that extra spicy kick. You’ll find one hawker selling this too on the main road just outside tourism lift (lower floor).




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