Do you wonder as to why china kitchen is still the best Chinese restaurant in Delhi? One cannot miss the best Peking duck that churns out of their kitchen – best in this country.

Well these aren’t mere my thoughts, but India’s most eminent food critic Mr Vir Sanghvi too states the same.

Consistency is the key that keeps this place going long and strong. Not just mastery of over 2 decades, it is the rigour and responsiveness that sets the kitchen on fire. A team of expats (chefs from China) bring in authenticity and quality and it definitely is an expensive affair to keep expats and continue running the show.
Couple of months ago, when  I met Mr Sanghavi at Chi Ni for EazyDiner event, we discussed on Chinese cuisine and he promptly shared that china kitchen serves the best Chinese in the country.

Another interesting observation was that if we closely look at various chefs working on Chinese cuisine, they mainly hail from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or other parts of Asian countries or from Britain. Rarely do we find native Chinese chefs but chefs from other Asian countries working in Chinese restaurants across the globe.

China Kitchen has recently revamped their menu. The change is about 60% from the old menu. They have changed the look and feel of the menu too.

china kitchen new menu,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle blogger and photographer
twice-cooked crispy lamb shank,garlic,cumin,coriander, chilli

Chef Jack Aw Yong has come from Park Hyatt Beijing and is considered as godfather of Chinese cuisine.

As Indians, we have been exposed to various international cuisines over the past couple of years and our love for Chinese has never gone out of fashion. Infact current trends indicate that Chinese cuisine continues to be talk of the town and lot of new Chinese fine dine places have opened in Delhi over a year.

The key ingredients of Chinese cuisine are dark soya sauce, hoisin sauce, fermented beans, oyster sauce, Chinkiang sauce, rice wine and toasted sesame oil. These are the essentials of Chinese cuisine.

We went to China Kitchen last week to try their new menu. It was a weekday and yet the restaurant was buzzing with activity.

Sichuan poached chicken (a cold appetizer) was a great way to start. It melts in mouth. It is chicken with flavour of Sichuan sauce and is an amazing dish.

china kitchen new menu,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle blogger and photographer
Red Bell pepper, Shrimp mousse

Wok fried chicken with Sichuan chilli and preserved vegetables was another great starter. Crispy and right balance of chilli – this too was a great appetizer

We skipped the soup as we wanted to try crystal dumplings and chicken puffs. One would prefer to have dimsum lunch alone as the taste of dumplings were heavenly!

Wok-tossed asparagus with light garlic sauce was just amazing and would be excellent for vegetarians. We tried lot of dishes and they were well made, well-seasoned and cooked well, however, most of the dishes were outstanding. Twice cooked lamb shank is absolutely a delight for any meat lover. It is double cooked, crisp from outside and soft and moist from inside. Red bell pepper stuffed with prawns too is another dish which you can’t afford to pass – clearly a must have!

Even if you are full after a scrumptious meal, please do leave some appetite space for desserts that are sinful. Ask for the dessert platter and you will be in paradise!

The new menu of china kitchen has variety in their menu and the additional dishes makes them stand apart not just from other Chinese restaurants, but also is a level up from their own earlier menu. Even if you do not love Chinese cuisine, you are surely to fall in love with this place and its food J.


For more pictures click here.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.


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