Sarah Stephanos, Director PR of The Park new Delhi invited me for their new promotion where they had some interesting things to offer. She explained the picnic concept, which I found very exciting. As my plan was to go to Jaipur for a media trip, that week, I had promised to visit later.

In Jaipur I stayed at fairmont and they served us lunch in our room in fancy tiffin. It was a pleasant change for me. Well, I will share details of it later in a separate post.

After I was back from jaipur, I reached park on a sat afternoon where they had setup the entire thing in their executive suite at 10th floor.
The view from 10th floor was absolutely mesmerising. The greens, the view of raisena bengali school was fascinating that I was amazed to see the greener side of Delhi.
Executive Abhishek Basu has done extensive research and came up with an innovative idea which will set a new benchmark for in room dinning.

the picnic, the park hotel,, maneesh srivastva food and travel bloggerWe all love picnics and it still remains as an integral part of our childhood. That era where there were no cell phones, no fancy gadgets and yet as kids, we used to have enormous fun. Summer vacations used to be the most important part of our masti every year. With cousins and family friends gathering at my place and we would have lunch and dinner together. The whole atmosphere was electric with good food, fun and laughter!

I know, I have taken you back to those unforgettable memory lanes.

Getting inspiration from the theme of picnic, Executive Chef Abhishek Basu has recreated the same picnic theme for in-room dinning. The colourful tiffin, the trolley and those colourful small bowls will definitely elevate your mood and you will simpy love the food.

The Park picnic experience is about redefining the in-room dinning, serving food in customised trolley, colourful tiffin boxes and some real sinful food. They have three different varieties to offer –  Italian, indian( minus butter chicken and dal makhni) , Asian tropical. They also provide separate tiffin for kids which has rolls and mini sliders.

I love the Indian selection where the Hyderabadi biryani was served with michi ka salan and I also had chicken wrap. The pasta and the garlic bread was the highlight of the Italian theme. And not to forget they picked up some great dessert as well! Tiramisu and rasmalai were excellent.

Next time when you plan your stay at any of the The Park hotels, don’t forget to order in-room dinning and you will relieve your childhood J

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