Whenever we talk about Rajasthani cuisine, our thoughts immediately translate into images of ker sangri and dal, bati churma. Well, Rajasthani cuisine is beyond these and has much more to offer based on its topography. Marwaris prefer vegetarian and hence you will come across the most tempting pyaaz kachoris and bright and colourful vegetarian dishes; whereas Rajputs prefer mouth-watering hot meat curries. To be able to relish and gorge on this, you will need to visit Glass House, the all-day Dinning Restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn, Bani Square.

For festivals, the focus is mainly on main dishes or appetizers. However, what I really like about Executive Chef Sunil Gangwal , whom I met first at Pullman ( now Le Meridien) , Gurgaon, that he focuses a lot on condiments. According to him, condiments enrich your entire food experience.

Hilton Garden Inn Bani Square, mysticfoodiemantra.comDuring one of my visits for the Sri Lankan Food Festival, we had discussed a detailed chat on his experience and his passion for rajasthani food. Rajasthan is his home state and he has also worked at Marriott Jaipur

Well, after reading all this I am very sure that your expectations too will be very high. I went with the same expectations and the food was indeed beyond what I had imagined.

They have a rotating menu that covers multiple dishes, as else it gets difficult to showcase in 1 day, the delectable dishes that this state has to offer.

Let me start with my favourite section. Murg ka farcha( sliced chicken pieces marinated in freshly grounded spices and then grilled), paneer ke sule( paneer marinated in little spicy spices and then grilled) was absolutely bang on. The famous dal and bati came with four churmas. Except for the regular one, I loved the one that had flavour of rose. It was delicious.

Gate ki sabji was the star of the day along with laal maas. It is little subtle to suit the palate of guests, but again cooked brilliantly.

Halwai was from Laxmi misthan bhandar, Jaipur and the the ghewar was absolutely delicious.

I’s your golden chance to taste the most authentic rajasthani food right here in Delhi. Do not miss this golden opportunity to savour what the land of Maharajas relish!



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