Location can be one criteria for a successful restaurant but can’t be the only one. We have seen restaurants in past situated in the best of location but there are hardly any customers flocking. Masala Library definitely score very high in terms of location. I have known Saurabh for over two years and it’s fascinating to see his tremendous growth. I remember my reviews at Masala Library Mumbai when Saurabh was shy and looked nervous as well. Then again, I met him at the farzi cyber hub and I was impressed with his growing confidence and his hunger for creating a name for himself. By then, he had already transformed himself into a powerhouse. His passion and his thought for creativity as well as idea behind food, for sure, will take him to greater heights.
He has now evolved as almost as a seasoned chef who thinks and creates dishes which not only has a great presentation but equally satiates our taste buds too.

After eating at masala library Delhi I can surely vouch that Saurabh has come a long way. The food at ML Delhi is much more evolved and showcases the immense thinking and preparation that has been done.

masala library by jiggs kalra, mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva blogger and photographer
Naga pork, braised black beans and bamboo shoots

ML Delhi offers chef tasting menu in both veg and non-veg that can be paired with wine. The food has been paired with excellent white and medium to full-bodied red wines. It has also been paired with one of my favorite dessert wine from Sula, Chenin blanc late harvest.

Besides this, you can also share your preferences and they will pair it accordingly. To get a full experience of masala library, one should opt for wine pairing tasting menu.

Each course at Masala Library is a journey which will not only take you to different parts of the country but it will also touch parts of Asia. Though the tasting menu consists of 19 courses, yet you will not feel stuffed!  Fulfilling, satisfying, yet not stuffed or bloated!

The mango sphere served in the ceramic cell as amuse bouche sets the tone for the food journey and it also indicates how your meal would be. Madur Vada and clear rasam as the first appetizer, served in a clear and transparent glass tube where vada is on top. It was impressive!

Nadir churma(lotus stem ) and the farmer’s staple were equally impressive. The quintessential  Kashmiri dish which was served with akhrot(walnut) and radish chutney and bajre( millet ) bread  stuffed with caramelized onion served with fresh white butter indeed represent the food of farmers.

masala library by jiggs kalra, mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva blogger and photographer
Chocolate Dessert made from 70% dark Callebaut chocolate

While mushroom chai and litti chokha did live upto to expectations and were innovative, but it misses the mark with over dried mushrooms floating on the top and the chokha( mashed potato) which was tossed and tampered with spices changed the entire taste.

After eating at Farzi CP I was super impressed the way they played with meat. The naga pork, cooked with naga spices, bamboo shoots and served with fermented beans, definitely makes you want more. Tawa boti(mutton), served with the texture of greens too was equally compelling.

Galauti kebab was served with very light and airy sheermal. It will blow your mind. The gujrati kadi risotto made of Italian Arborio rice too definitely stand out in the tasting menu.

masala library by jiggs kalra, mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva blogger and photographer
Jalebi Caviar – One of the most famous dessert at Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra

In desserts, my suggestion would be to try all of it, if you can. Jalebi caviar is still my favorite and I believe it’s one of the most brilliant take-ups on Indian dessert. Bhappa Doi and Chena payesh are absolutely brilliant too. Ashen Kulfi is another masterpiece, that uses the banana leaf. The desserts served here, are taken to a level, where not just the presentation, but the taste too, will make you come back every time.

Masala Library is definitely a welcome change in fine dining scene in Delhi and is sure going to make their mark.

#MFMRecommends – Go for chef tasting menu along with wine pairing for the entire experience.

You can see the entire album of Masala Library here.

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