Guppy by ai, chef vikram khatri, mysticfoodiemantra.comMy lunch at Sakura which happened a couple of weeks ago completed my visit to most of the Japanese places (especially from sushi point of view) and now I have completed the circle to finish my story on my love for Japanese food.

If I go back, my first encounter with sushi was somewhere in 2003 where I ate at one of the finest seafood restaurants in Bay area of San Francisco. We had gone for our team dinner. That was then.

It wasn’t easy for me to taste of raw fish ( or cured fish), like every other indian. It is always said that sushi is an acquired taste and it takes time to develop. Same happened with me as well. It took almost two years for me to get familiar with the taste of sushi and now sashmi too.

Over the years in my blogging career, I have been eating at various places, tried different cuisine and savored a different kind of food. Sushi has been the most difficult one as it took really long for me to get accustomed to it.

Sushi which is said to be inspired by Chinese cuisine was developed in Japan. It has three main ingredients, rice cooked in vinegar, nori (black seaweed sheet to wrap) and raw/cured fish, diced vegetables. Wasabi, soya sauce and ginger pickled are also part of sushi.

Well, here is my story on why I love Guppy when it comes to sushi or in fact Japanese food. I am also sharing my point of view on other Japanese places that I have been to.

When it comes to Japanese food, Guppy is the place I look forward, not because I have known Chef Vikram Khatri , but simply because of the consistency they maintain and also on Chef’s knowledge and passion for Japanese food. I love sharing that Chef Vikram is undoubtedly one of the best Japanese chef in town.

Wasabi at Taj is not as good as Wasabi Mumbai and also its way expensive which doesn’t make it always on the go place indeed.

Megu never worked for me because of its inconsistency. Same happened with EN. My first experience with EN was really good, however, the second turned out to be average and then subsequent complaints from fellow friends, indeed stopped me from going there.

Yum Yum Cha is again a great place but it focuses more towards contemporary Asian food.

Townhall again is inconsistent with its quality and Benihana never moved beyond teppanyaki (which isn’t my favorite)

Fuji which opened with a bang in CP had great potential because of the owner and the chef but somehow they lost their charm after initial success.

Now comes Guppy and you should know why I love this place and what makes it so special that keeps me going. There are several reasons for this. I would share a couple of them. Chef Vikram is a great storyteller. Food that has a story attracts more people and his dishes always have story, origin, and inspiration. As shared earlier, quality and consistency continue to be top-notch.

Next time, if you crave for Japanese, head to Guppy without even thinking and you will be able to relate to my unforgettable and amazing experience and on why I love this place.



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