It is believed that Italian is the second most popular international cuisine in India after Chinese. Infact, these two cuisines are so popular, that every region, have their own version of Italian too. While North Indians love to eat overcooked butter chicken pasta, in some parts of the country, people love the taste of kadi patta in their pastas.J

When we spoke about Italian the first thing that comes to our mind is the cheese loaded commercial pizzas from Dominos and Pizza huts of the world. Well, we shouldn’t forget that these are American companies, selling American pizzas and other stuff.

Last week, when I went to Mumbai for a launch of mobile phone, we stayed at JW Marriott Sahar for a day. I decided to check out their Italian restaurant which is number one on trip advisor. I have been connected with Executive Chef Vishal Atreya on facebook for long, but never got a chance to interact with him. He was earlier at The Imperial, New Delhi, but now has moved to JW Sahar as executive chef. Sahar JW is the latest entry at JW and is now almost 18 months old. I met Chef Vishal at JW café where we talked about the hotel at length. I had enjoyed his creative creation and the pictures on FB and had been following him.

JW Marriott Sahar, romano,


JW Marriott Sahar, romano,


JW Marriott Sahar, romano, mysticfoodiemantra.comIt’s good to see that Marriott group is giving space and letting chefs to come out with interesting concepts and creativity. Chef Vishal shared that the focus, these days is on the brunches, which is very popular in Mumbai. I wish if our chefs too, in Delhi, focus more on doing theme brunches, instead of increasing number of dishes on weekends.

After the initial discussion on food, history and culture, we decided to meet for dinner at Romano. As usual, I reached on time. Surprisingly it was almost full at 8 PM (it opens only for dinner). The moment I entered, I loved the place!  High ceiling, stairs that takes you to upper floor. Upstairs was like a small private PDRs that also can be converted as guest sitting area. They have a chef’s table too, where they host exclusive dinner for their guest. Their wine cellar was absolutely mesmerizing.

We started with a glass of prosecco along with some freshly baked bread. Marriott is known for their expertise in bakery. We met Romano’s Italian Chef Roberto Zorzoli and he served us the fresh Burrata cheese with hairloom tomato. He shared that this is locally sourced cheese. It was quiet fresh and while tasting, you could actually feel the flavour of fresh milk – Absolutely wonderful and delightful!

Australian lamb shank with gremolata and saffron risotto was the dish of the day for me. Perfectly cooked shank with excellent risotto; a complete meal in itself which you can pair with my favourite negroni. The chicken balls cooked in tomato sauce ( homemade ) was another perfect dish. Chef Roberto has put in his effort to make this place happening! His simple yet rustic cooking and usage of local ingredients and local produce is commendable.

We finished our dinner with absolutely gorgeous pan cotta which is something you cannot pass by without drooling over it!

Romano indeed is the finest Italian restaurant in Mumbai and if you happen to be in the city, don’t miss the chance to dine here!

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