I had read about Del Wine Excellent award in Indian Wine Academy group which is the ultimate wine group on facebook.  I didn’t know that this is not just Delhi based awards, but also soon been taken to Mumbai and Bangalore. Apart from this, they are also planning a national level award which is truly on international pattern.

Subhash Arora, founder of Indian Wine Academy, Sourish Bhattacharyya (most renowned food journalist) and Sonal Holland (the Wine Lady) have joined hands together for the first ever Del Wine Excellence award along with Rifaquat Ali, the veteran F&B personality and Ginny Kohli.

The increase in the wide availability of wines has increased consumer interest in wines. The wider availability of wine through modern retail stores has also created more interest in consumers. Wine drinking in India is growing at good speed but we need to push it more to make it more favourable drink in India

The Del Wine excellence award will be held on 14th of September at Pullman Aerocity, which is one of the most wine friendly hotel in Delhi. This event is through invitation and will have Wine of the World ( WOW) where almost 120 wine labels will be showcasing their wines across globe.

Mr.  Subhash Arora shared that this will be sit down dinner award. Food will be paired with 8 wines where almost 300 invited guest from wine fraternity, wine journalist and connoisseurs will be witnessing the first ever wine centric awards.

Sonal Holland, the most prolific wine expert in the country (recently resigned from ITC) shared that this award will make hoteliers and restaurant owners to focus more on being wine friendly place. They will pay more attentions to their wine lists, which I think is a great idea.

Below is the various category of Del Wine Awards


  1. Delhi’s Best Wine Destination (Five-Star Hotel):
  2. Delhi’s Best Wine Destination (Stand-Alone Restaurant):
  3. NCR’S Best Wine Destination (Five-Star Hotel):
  4. NCR’S Best Wine Destination (Stand-Alone Restaurant):
  5. Best Beverage Manager/Sommelier of the Year (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels):
  6. Best Beverage Manager/Sommelier of the Year (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants):
  7. Best Indian Wine Selection (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels):
  8. Best Indian Wine Selection (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants):
  9. Best International Wine Selection (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels):
  10. Best International Wine Selection (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants):
  11. Indian Cuisine Restaurant with Best Wine List (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels):
  12. Indian Cuisine Restaurant with Best Wine List (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants):


  1. Best Indian Wine Producer
  2. Best Indian Winemaker
  3. Best Wine Tourism Company
  4. Best Wine Importer
  5. Best Wine Retailer (Delhi)
  6. Best Wine Retailer (NCR)
  7. Best Wine List (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels)
  8. Best Wine List (Delhi-NCR /Standalone Restaurants)
  9. Best Wine Service (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels)
  10. Best Wine Service (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants)
  11. Best Wine Events (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels)
  12. Best Wine Events (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants)


  1. Best Value for Money Wine List (Delhi-NCR/Five-Star Hotels)
  2. Best Value for Money Wine List (Delhi-NCR/Standalone Restaurants)
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