Unusual as it may sound, alcohol is slowly finding its way into casual eateries. When you really want to unwind after a hard day’s work or catch up with friends over a couple of drinks, you may not necessarily want to go to a pub and shell out that extra buck. The loud music may let the beer flow but not the conversations. The Pint Room is here to change that.

Beer Guru Pradeep  Gidwani, whose middle name is Beer, has chosen a quaint, less swamped residential area located in the heart of Vasant Vihar and has tried to create something you would call a beer heaven. The drinks menu features some of the most exotic beers from around the world. The indoor seating area is not exhilarating but the idea is to keep the atmosphere like a casual cafe. There’s even a Foosball table promising a bit of fun time to the guests. There is no formal bar and the pricing of the drinks and the food are kept competitive. However the outdoor seating area comes as a huge surprise being vibrant yet cozy, gleaming yet serene. The beautiful tree in the middle lights up in the evening and makes the outdoor dining experience all the more romantic.

Mr. Gidwani has been a beer fanatic all his life and has been instrumental in launching some of the colossal brands in the country. Before becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur he has worked at top positions in Diageo (GM), Fosters (VP), Moet Hennessy Asia (MD), Red Bull Asia (MD) and Carlsberg India (MD).  He also co-founded The Beer Cafe before entering into his own full time venture The Pint Room. Obviously you can expect nothing but the best beer selections in the menu and can blindly trust the well trained staff’s recommendations.

A casual chit chat with Mr. Gidwani revealed a lot of interesting facts about beer and what goes into brewing some of the finest beers in the world. After kickstarting our evening with the ever popular Hieneken we moved on to Fosters, which is one of the cheapest Australian Beers. Then we tried the most awaited premium quality Australian craft varieties such as Pale Ale, Fresh Press Cider and Pilsner. These were all great brews with light floral and fruity notes such as green apple and almost no bitter aftertaste. I’ve hardly seen any other cafe in Delhi NCR serving craft beers of such quality. Then I tried the Belgian classic Hoegaarden and finally a dark German lager Flensburger Dunkel. The last one really packed a punch. Though it looks more like a British dark ale but has no fruity notes and next to no nose. It has a touch of vanilla and the sweetness of nuts.  Mr. Gidwani guided us on how to understand and know about the quality of the brew by smelling and rolling it on the tongue.

The place also serves some smoking hot pizzas and chicken wings among other things. I tried the Bhut Jholakia chicken wings and apart from the fact that they were extremely hot, they were very crunchy from outside and juicy from the inside. I loved the taste. The toppings, esp. the choice of meats, on the pizza was really good and the crust was fabulous. My idea of a good crust is that it should be crispy yet flexible. I love to fold my pizza before eating and the one served here met all my criteria.


The concept is very European, a simple no frills cafe where groups can have some good time chit chatting and playing Foosball, or simply let the conversations flow along with some fine quality beers.


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