I want to call out LOUDLY, create noise, propagate and say  – “hello friends please vote for MR. X for the Y category because he deserves to win that award. I have seen his growth as a professional over the years and have seen how he has worked hard to reach at this level”

But hey you know what, I am a food blogger and can’t really show my personal likings on social platform – maybe it will be considered as being biased! But if you ask me, I always make sure that my personal and professional life is very different and I always maintain a distance. I also understand that at the end of the day I am a human being, have my personal likings and it isn’t always easy to stay neutral.

I wasn’t sure about what should I do. I clearly wanted to cheer for my favourite people and also ask my friends to vote for them. I also thought of checking with my fellow bloggers friends and it was equally interesting to learn about their point of view. Here is what they have to say.

Abhishek Swarup “Being a blogger you have all the more reason to have an opinion. That is what bloggers are for. We must not hesitate in expressing what we feel about a particular chef or a restaurant. This is not being biased”

Sahiba Gursahaney “A blogger is someone who has individual opinions. That’s what differentiates him from a writer. So go ahead and shout! 😛 ”

Ritu Rajput “I’d do it discreetly. Maybe on personal chat. ”

Prashant Singh “Don’t hesitate. Support your friend.. (y) ”

Well thank you guys for your support. I think I should go ahead and cheer and call out for my favourite people and will ask everyone to vote for them.

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you too been eating and praising their creativity, food and much more? Well, it’s time now, to go ahead and cheer for them and vote for them to win.

Do remember that appreciation, awards and recognition are part of motivation and it keeps everyone going!

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