One thing which I realised after attending the Srilankan food festival at Hilton Garden Inn, Gurgaon was that even though we feel that SriLanka may have lot of similarity with down south but the food is very different.

Like I never knew that Hoppers and Appams are very different from each other. Ever their batter is different, just by adding egg or other stuff, appam doesn’t become hopper. Hoppers are crisp and sweet in taste and if you eat them with tomato and red chilli chutney or with caramelized onions, it tastes divine.

Honesty speaking I never had Sri Lankan food before, though have seen a lot of Srilankan dishes cooked by The Famous Chef Peter Kuruvita on Fox Life and those dishes seemed very inviting.

When I got an invite from Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon to review their ongoing Lankan food festival, I couldn’t say no.

Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani Square
Different types of chutney/pickles

I met Chef Thulitha Niranjana from Hilton Colombo Residence who has curated the menu. I also met Executive Chef Sunil Gangwal, with whom I had earlier interacted at Pullman (Now Le Meridien Gurgaon) and then we started our food tasting journey.

Fish cutlet (round in shape) was new to us as we have seen cutlet in different shapes. Nevertheless it was delicious and so was the veg puff stuffed with jackfruit which was not as spicy as the jackfruit spring roll. Both of them are excellent starts for vegetarians.

Lankan cuisine has lot of rice and different sorts of curries. These are mainly black, yellow and red in colour as they use different ingredient and are abundance in flavour. Chef also shared that he got some special spices from Sri Lanka and also some utensils to make the cuisine authentic.

Alu Mas which was the star of the entire meal made of black pepper pounded with cumin and other ingredients and cooked for 3-4 hours to get the perfect meat which was soft, tender and full of flavours. Same goes with kukul mas (chicken cooked in red curry) It had chilli and tomato cooked with chicken, another must try dish. For vegetarians I would strongly suggest drumstick cooked in coconut and turmeric paste that is light and flavourful.

If you are fan of bitter gourd and jackfruit then offcourse these dishes are must to try. I am sure all vegetarians would love it.

Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani SquareDon’t forget to try the Sri Lankan dessert, they are good too. My favourites were Watalappan (Egg & Jaggery), Kiri Toffi, Pancake – Honey coconut crepes (which is more like pati shapta- the famous bengali sweet).

Festival is on till 17th of July and you shouldn’t miss the cuisine of our neighbourhood country which is close to our home and yet has a very distinct flavour.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.


Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani Square
Left – Kukul mas – Chicken red curry
Right -Alu mas – Lamb Black Curry
Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani Square
Left – Murunga – Drumstick white curry
Right – Gowa Mallum – Cabbage & Dry coconut
Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani Square
Left – Karawila – Bitter Gourd
Right – Polos Mirisata – Baby Jack fruit
Flavours Of Lanka at Hilton Garden inn Gurgaon Baani Square
Malu – Fish Pepper stew
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