As far as I am aware, Sakura was the first Japanese restaurant opened in Delhi at Nikko Hotel (now the Metropolitan Hotel). When it opened, most of its customers were Japanese ex-pats as it opened in collaboration with Japan Airlines.

I have had the privilege to eat at Sakura, when it was with Hotel Nikko couple of years back. However at that time, I didn’t quite enjoy the food and couldn’t feel the authentic Japanese taste. Taste for Japanese food develops over a period and specially for eating sushi. It took me more than two years to develop taste for it and now, along with sushi, I enjoy sashimi as well. Ramen and katsu curry are my other favourites.

SUSHI ART AT SAKURA, THE METROPOLITAN HOTEL & SPA, mysticfoodiemantra.comLast week when I was invited for Sushi festival at sakura, I felt this would be the ultimate thing for me. A place which is known for its authentic Japanese affair and has been running for more than 20 years.

Sushi is definitely an art and who can do better that Sakur a, which is known for their sushi rolls. This festival is to promote sushi in delhi and that’s the reason that master chef Tetsu Akahira brings you the sushi which is inspired from India. Yes you heard it right, this festival is more about focusing on Indian version of sushi.

Since it was festival of sushi, we asked them to serve us a platter which will have different types of sushi – specifically Indian. I tried gunkan, a very new sushi for me with tandoori chicken, belly tuna and salmon roe and in veg we tried tandoori paneer and avocado. Gunkan maki is special kind of roll where the base is rice and on top, chopped vegetables are kept and rolled in nori sheets, more of oval shape. You have to eat in one go. It was good and tasted nice.

For the veg nigri, we tried tandoori paneer and bell pepper nigri and enjoyed both. Chicken katsu curry was absolutely delicious.

We finished our meal with green tea icecream which was a little strong for our liking.

If you love sushi, then Sakura is the place which you shouldn’t miss.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.


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