Let me start by saying that I enjoyed this dinner because of couple of reason apart from drinking wine in the company of my friend Rohit and Aman ( Restaurant Manager of The Lalit ); I also met Ajoy Shaw, Chief Wine Maker, Sula and Brand Ambassador, Zaheen Khatri.

The dinner was well paired with sula wines and with every course, Ajoy continued to explain on the wine and its pairing, while Aman shared additional information that made our wine dinner more special.

Honestly, I am just a beginner in the field of wine, till last year I wasn’t very sure that I will ever develop my interest in wine.

But as the saying goes, much depends on the kind of company you have and then you actually get to learn a lot. Thanks to all my friends – Abhishek of Fratelli, Rohit of Grover Zampa, Supreet Roy of Hyatt Manesar and my close buddy and guide Chef Umesh Kapoor.

Charles Donnadieu, the corporate sommelier of Lalit Hotel has definitely an eye for pairing of Indian food with Indian wine and his approach is more unconventional. This is perhaps the best way to promote wine drinking in India.

Naan’ery the famous bread of Baluchi, at The Lalit , the pheni paratha that was sweet and crisp in taste paired with Sula Brut Tropical –  my favourite bubbly with 70% reds and 30% whites, and also with Pinot Noir that makes it fresh and crisp , balancing the sugar of the bread.

Panchphoran mahi tikka (fish tikka) was served with brut tropical but I liked it with sula Sauvignon Blanc (medium body). It was served with Awadhi kalmi kebab (chicken tikka). The crispy and dry wine, which perfectly suits to my palate helped to cut the fried food with acidity.

Rasa Shiraz which was served with delicious lamb masala( one of the best dish ) and dal Baluchi – I found it little complex for my taste, being a full bodied red wine ( I am not very fond of full bodied red wine ). When I shared this with Ajoy, he too stated that one needs to be more mature to understand the complexity of the Raasa Shiraz. Well, I believe I will take couple of more years to understand such tastes.

We finished our meal with sula brut rose which was paired with phirni sakur, a typical Mughlai dessert which is made of rice, milk and sugar and has smooth creamy texture. This sparkling rose was very balanced, smooth and a versatile wine. I would love to try it with other dishes too.

I must say that I had great time and indeed a great learning. All thanks to Sula and The Lalit Team.

Picture Courtesy – The Lalit, New Delhi

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