Am a proud chocoholic. But lately the brands available didn’t seem to satisfy my sweet cravings. I had become bored of the same flavours and textures. I yearned for something different, something decadent, something that made me go ‘wow, this is it. this is what I have been looking for’. And I found it in Delaviuda. The brand offers both chocolate bars and bonbons. What I like is the chocolates are truly melt in the mouth.

A piece of chocolate or bonbon is enough to give you the ‘I am in chocolate paradise’ feeling’ as you savour the chocolate swirl over your taste buds smoothly without getting stuck on your palate. Of course since they are so yummy, you end up savouring another one. Delaviuda chocolate bars are available in six flavours of milk, dark, dark with orange, milk with almonds, milk with hazelnuts and dark with coffee. The brand also has four flavours with no added sugars in milk, dark, milk with hazelnuts and milk with almonds.

Delaviuda Front Table FinalIf you are looking to gift chocolates, then I highly recommend Delaviuda. The brand is classy and will get you ‘these seem interesting, you put time and thought into this gift’ reaction. Give a miss to the other run of the mill brands or the brands which have become so common that any and everyone has eaten them. The bonbons of Delaviuda have a smooth and creamy filling, with a fine cocoa coating, made using traditional recipes. Each piece is individually wrapped in the box and you can choose from their six flavours of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel cream and hazelnut. The sixth flavour is a milk chocolate with no added sugars.

The brand which is from Spain is the result of a Spanish widow’s love and dedication to making confectionery specialities. Maria Rojas, the widow in question became famous in Spain for creating sweets using secret recipes. Delaviuda is the tradition which offers that premium quality and flavour of chocolates in India.

Delaviuda is available on and at godrej nature’s basket.


Khursheed Dinshaw

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