Delhi 6 is that part of the capital that has always enchanted travellers from all across the world. Apart from offering a unique market experience, those narrow bylanes of the oldest part of the city still hold solid ground when it comes to enjoying the most traditional north Indian snacks including chaat, samose, kahori, chhole kulche, sweets, kulfi etc. 

Last year Radisson Blu, Pashchim Vihar’s all day dining restaurant Level 2 hosted the ‘Delhi 6’ festival which was a real treat to the tastebuds. More than that, it offered convenience of enjoying the traditional Old Delhi snacks sitting in the comfort of a 5 star hotel instead of venturing into the lanes of Chandni Chowk in the summer heat. This year too Level 2 has come up with the same festival from 15th to 31st July.Dilli 6 food festival at radisson blu paschim vihar,, blogger and photographer, abishek swarup

This time also the decor steals the show and gives you a feeling that you are inside the walled city. There are various carts offering Cutting Chai, Kesari Lassi, Masala Chaach, Parathas, Aloo Tikkis, Gol Gappas etc. Music being an integral part of Indian culture and heritage, a tribute to this art form was paid by displaying musical instruments in the centre.  Colourful kites, a decorated rickshaw, an old hand-pulled cart and a decorated bicycle added to the charm and the aura of Old Delhi.

The dishes that really stood out for me were Aloo Tikki that was really crispy and crunchy, Gol Gappe that were served with chilled spicy and sweet flavoured waters, Matar Kachori that had the perfect balance of flavours and Keema Kaleji, which had delicate flavours and was not too heavy. The dishes which I found just about ok were Dahi Gujiya, which I found unusually sweet (though you can instruct them to make it less sweet) and Aloo ka Paratha which was more like a homemade paratha so it didn’t take my tastebuds to Parathe Wali Gali where they serve obnoxiously heavy deep fried parathas, but it still holds a unique charm.Dilli 6 food festival at radisson blu paschim vihar,, blogger and photographer, abishek swarup

The desserts included Lancha which are basically oblong Gulab Jamun, Besan ke laddoo, ras gullas, milk cake and Gur pare. Everything carried the traditional taste and was fresh. The kitchen staff is exceptionally big, with a separate halwai team from Agra which works its magic and this is the reason why this particular restaurant is able to achieve such authenticity of flavours.

From my last visit, the service has drastically improved. It was good earlier also but now it’s exceptional. I can guarantee they will take great care of you. This festival is only during dinner time and is only an addition to the otherwise lavish buffet spread that Level 2 offers. You can either opt for only the Delhi 6 delicacies for a lesser charge, or for the entire buffet spread which includes the festival delicacies too.

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