When I went to the Pullman Aerocity last year, and tried the food at Pluck which is their ultra-modern upscale restaurant with farm to fork concept, where food looks so good that it tempts you to admire it first and then eat it. You can read my Pluck’s review here.

I had seen Honk restaurant during tour of the hotel and was told that this going to open for dinner alone. The lawn which was to be part of this restaurant, was absolutely stunning.

Later on I went to Pluck couple of times and each time would admire the beauty as well the food. Lately at Sunday brunch, I got glimpse of Honk, their pan Asian restaurant where I tried their edamame and shallot dumplings. It was a trailer of the food that would get served and it clearly gave an on what Honk would serve.

Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com
Dumplings – edamame and shallot , prawn and coriander crystal
Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com
Fried chicken wings with house sambal
Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com
Chicken breast skewer made with miso garlic paste

My friend Kanupriya, invited me for dinner at Honk, and the trailer that I had, definitely made me say yes and besides that I have known Kanupriya from Taj days and couldn’t have refused!

At present, Chinese is perhaps the most popular international cuisine in India. It’s so much ingrained in our cuisine, that every region and part of the country have their own version of Chinese. When it comes to Indian Chinese, my most preferred version is tangra region of Calcutta.

The expertise of Chef Ajay Anand and Deepak Malhotra has given Pluck the desired footing and they are also behind Honk’s creation. Honk is well supported by Karabir Gulati and the young and vibrant sommelier Kriti Malhotra, whose fresh vision gives a very fresh pairing of food and wine.

It’s really good to see the way she pairs food with wine. At honk, she suggested Chateau Lamouroux Bordeaux Rose 2013 and I must say that it really went well with Asian food. A medium bodied that actually tasted more like white wine because of the Cabernet Sauvignon (55%). It gives a very refreshing and crispy flavour.

Honk has three set menu along with a-la carte, which I believe is rather a perfect combination. And they also have recommendation for wines.

We opted for Celebration menu which is the most extensive one and covers almost the entire menu. We started with prawn tempura that came with cured mango and tobanjan aioli (it’s spicy and made with fermented beans and chilli), perfectly balanced the flavour of sweet, salt and spiciness. Dumplings came with edamame and shallot fillings; prawn and coriander crystal – These are for sure one of the best dumplings I have eaten in town after a long time.

If you ask me for recommendation, I would suggest Fried chicken wings with house sambal (sauce made of chilli pepper and shrimp paste).  The sauce gave the chicken wings absolutely a new flavour. Another recommendation is to go for Chicken breast skewer made with miso garlic paste. It makes you crave for more, however hold on, you have more on the menu to satiate your tastebuds!

For the mains, I would suggest Singapuri chilli soft shell crab (that melts in mouth), Kung pao chicken (one of the best in town for sure), steamed jasmine rice and stir fried Dan Dan noodles. These dishes don’t need any description and you need to savour the taste with every bite. J

As I have always shared earlier, I am not a big fan of dessert. However the Ginger cake with candid orange is something I would highly recommend. The flavour of ginger perfectly balances the flavour of chocolate. I also had Chocolate and Mango Bavarian, raspberry curd and streusel.

I am sure that Honk, like its big brother Pluck, will also take the city by storm!



Quick Facts

Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity, Near I.G.I. Airport
Open only for dinner
Phone Number
011 – 46080839
Meal for two – INR 3000( plus taxes without alcohol)
They have 3 set menu apart from a-la carte

Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com

Honk at Pullman Aerocity, mysticfoodiemantra.com

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