Over the last couple of months we have been hearing a lot about food trucks which opened in Gurgaon. A lot of excitement and expectations which I believe is good as the concept of food truck is new to us.

Though we have been seeing lot of Chinese food trucks since long in Delhi, but they are non-movable and been known to sell Chinese (read Indian Chinese) stuff.

I read a lot about them everywhere, on every Facebook groups, so it was quiet obvious that I was also excited to check them out.

Well, I landed to this place, after a disastrous food at one of the newly opened place in sector 29.

This experience is based on my 2 subsequent visits where I checked out 4 food trucks.

First one was EGGjactly which I tried out on a weekend evening. When I reached there wasn’t too much of rush, though I was expecting it to be crowded. My friend suggested that they have delicious waffles, so I was keen to try that. I ordered lamb/mutton burger for myself and my friend ordered waffles. When the burger arrived, I realised there was something wrong with it. I could smell rotten meat and it was unbearable. I went out and told the guy sitting in the truck, however he refused to accept it. There was a lady who seemed to be the manager/owner (I am not sure), asked him to take it. There weren’t any apologies from anyone. I went inside the car and then the service boy came and asked me to order something else. To be on safer side, I ordered chicken roll. The roll was also not good, no flavour and absolutely tasteless.Food Trucks in gurgaon, mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva, food and lifestyle blogger and photographer

Second Visit

We went again and this time with family. Story was almost the same. Egg chicken roll was tasteless and Thai curry had absolutely no flavour. Also the way they had served, it was difficult to eat. We also ordered sushi (salmon and California) from sushi mafia. Portion was good with 8 pieces but it disintegrated each time I picked up the sushi. It hardly had any filling and it tasted more of like eating rice alone.

My friend and blogger Om Routray too had similar kind of experience. When we shared our experience, he too added that “these trucks are just trucks in shape. The food is standard restaurant or QSR fare, so far. The originality, personal touch or unique menus that one expects are missing. Now that both buzz and attendance are assured, may be, the next crop will be bolder with the food they serve.””.

We also tried couple of more trucks and more or less it was the same.

The problem is that though they have copied the concept from Europe, but I guess didn’t experiment with food and the quality isn’t great

I wouldn’t be visiting this place again. Maybe if we have something similar in Delhi i.e. food trucks in Delhi, it may turn out to be a good experience.

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