Here is in continuation to my previous post. We had checked into the hotel room.

It was Friday evening and we decided to start our journey by seeking blessings from Babaji and we also wished plan to record shooting the Langar.

As Babaji showered his blessings, we got the opportunity to get inside Langar (kitchen). At the Langar (Kitchen), food is served to all visitors regardless of faith, religion or background. It’s fascinating to see, how people selflessly place their service to help not only in kitchen but also in washing and cleaning. At Golden temple it is said that every day 1 lac people partake langar and it is a continuous process. After partaking the food, plates are collected by volunteers (sewadars) and it gets washed couple of times before it is ready for next set of serving. Sharing a common meal sitting in a pangat, irrespective of caste, creed, religion is a treat to watch, including participation of volunteers in cooking or serving food in the langar and in cleaning the used dishes.

Visiting Harminder Sahib (Golden temple) brings in me a connect; peace and a completeness in itself. It creates a state of trance, a feeling that cannot be defined. The continuous kirtan , departure of palanquin carrying Sri Guru Granth Sahib to The Akal Takhat Sahib – each sound, each move seems to be divine. The cleanliness and purity at Harminder Sahib bring in immense tranquillity.

Post our darshan, we started our food marathon which continued till the next day.

We started the journey with eating at Makkhan fish corner and it wasn’t great and to me it was a disaster. No flavour and it was disappointing. Bira Chicken was sold and we couldn’t try it., road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad, kanha puri amritsar, soorjit food corner
Soorjit Food Corner

While strolling on Lawrence road, we came across got Surjit Food Corner. It was an amazing find out! They do not serve food in car – the way small joints flourish and you sit in the car and make it “car-o-bar”. As we were tried, we didn’t prefer eating lot. We enjoyed tandoori chicken and got some gravy packed. We would love to come back here for a full experience on the dishes.

Day 2 was the most happening for us in Amritsar. We started early morning for breakfast at Hyatt’s All Day Dinning Collage. Very elegantly done place and numerous options available and above all, they make amazing pancakes. We didn’t want to indulge ourselves much, as it was to be a long day ahead., road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad, kanha puri amritsar
Collage, All day Dinning, Hyattt Amritsar

We wanted to try puris that were famous in Amritsar. We headed to Kanha puri as we were told it was the best. However we couldn’t locate and landed up at Kanhaya Lal Harbhajan singh ( Nothing to do with the cricketer! 😛 ).

Here, puri is served with aloo sabji and chole ki sabji. Interstingly the aloo ki sabji was sweet as they add jaggery to the curry . A great start to the morning with the amazing puri. This place is opposite to Ram Lubhaya and Sons, which is famous for its various variety of aam papad. We bought lot of them and till date my family is gorging on the aam papad. You will find 15 types of aam papad (It is a fruit leather made out of mango pulp which is then mixed with concentrated sugar solution and then it is sun dried)  This place is running business for the past 45 years! We also have BBK DAV College of Women opposite and girls flock around to savour aam papad.  Do not miss to pick different kinds of aam papad from his shop.

In the next post I will tell you more about Surjit Food Corner and our Diner at the speciality restaurant of Hyatt Amritsar ThaiChi. Till then, I continue to soak myself and reminiscence the melody of Harminder Sahib and the tangy aam papad along with  Kanhaya Lal’s Puri-sabzi! It is Amrit!

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