Diageo is a brand that’s magnanimous in presence across the world. It’s clearly a world leader in alcoholic beverages and its brands spread across all categories and price points. They produce their beverages from over 200 sites located in around 30 countries.

The most popular brands owned by this giant, and popularly consumed in India, include Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Baileys, McDowell’s etc. Some of the lesser known brands, some not even available in India include Crown Royal, Yeni Raki, Buchanan’s, Windsor, Shui Jing Fang, Bell’s etc.

Every year Diageo organizes World Class, a bartending competition which is judged by the most seasoned tasters who choose a winner after the participants go through various rounds of creating cocktails. This year’s winner of Master Class India is Jitender singh who will get an opportunity to represent India in the upcoming Master Class Global.

The Cocktails Masterclass session organized by them at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi was fun, exciting and insightful. Apart from the Diageo’s Brand Ambassador Dan Jones, Jitender Singh was also there to show us as to what techniques go into creating some of the best cocktails in the world.Cocktail Masterclass by Diageo Brand Ambassador & WC '16 Winner

The different cocktails that Jitender Singh created in front of our eyes include:

Bodo Saviour: With ‘Tanqueray no. 10’, the world famous gin, as the hero ingredient this was my favourite cocktail. This velvety and smooth cocktail contained flavours of fresh citrus along with the essences of carrot and coriander mixed with masala chai bitters (can you beat that?).

Togetherness: Its really hard to go wrong with something that has anything to do with ‘Johnnie Walker Gold Label’. The sweet flavours of this luxury drink go really well with mango and ginger with a tangy hint of lime. The flavour was well balanced and the sweetness was suitably complimented with citrusy punch.

Salty Bees: What do you get when you shake upTalisker 10’ with fig & honey syrup, lime and finish it with rosemary smoke. The resultant medley of sweet, salty and smokey flavours overwhelm you and you feel an instant jolt of lightning in your brain.

He also made a ‘Ketel One Vodka’ based cocktail and a ‘Don Julio Tequila’ based cocktail. All the cocktails were really SMOOTH, a word that Jitender Singh kept using again and again just to emphasize that there is only one secret that distinguishes a good cocktail to a world class cocktail, it should be smooth. For sure the beverages produced and marketed by Diageo are perfect and definitely smooth enough for making cocktails. I wish Jitender Singh all the best for Master Class Global 2016 and I am sure he is going to win a lot of accolades for our country.

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