Cocktails – I love it when they are strong, yet refreshing, and best enjoyed when you have a great company/ good friends. In last couple of my reviews, I have tried some outstanding cocktails. Some of them have been Indian inspired, some are classical and some of them are straight from prohibition era. I am a cocktail fan and it being my preferred drink, I always try various cocktails wherever I go. My current favourite is gin and tonic and Grappa at Shangri-La is the perfect place for that.

Rick’s at Taj Mansingh is perhaps the oldest and most iconic lounge bar in the city. A classical lounge bar which now is rare to find in the city also has one of the talented mixologist.

Last week they organized a master class on mixology where their bar tenders prepared couple of cocktails in front of us and we too got a chance to shake. Most of the cocktail were classic ones from whisky sour, to espresso martini to berry martini. Interestingly each cocktail was paired with food and the food pairing was absolutely wonderful.

I am sharing recipe of two of my favourite cocktails that I tried during the masterclass.

These are simple and easy to make. Do try making them at home and I am sure you are going to like them.


  1. Guava Berry Martini


  • Vodka : 60 ml
  • Cranberry juice : 10 ml
  • Guava juice : 15 ml
  • Elderflower syrup : 05 ml
  • Lime juice : 10 ml
  • Blueberry puree : 15 ml


Method – Shaken and strained in a chilled Martini glass, garnished with the flower of the day.


  1. Whiskey sour


  • Jack Daniel : 60 ml
  • Lime juice : 15 ml
  • Sugar syrup : 10 ml
  • Angostura bitter : 3 dashes
  • Egg white : 30

Method – Dry shake( without ice) all the ingredients in a shaker for around 15 – 20 seconds, and then shake with ice till the time the drink is sufficiently chilled, and then pour the cocktail over ice in an old fashioned glass, garnished with an orange slice.

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