The joy of eating a lovely fresh hot roti with dal, sabji, curry, jam or cheese or as a roti roll with the stuffing of your choice is unsurpassed. Biting into a wholesome garma garam paratha with dollops of ghee or butter-that’s bliss. And that too prepared with atta that is made with real and 100 % natural ingredients by a family that has been passionately involved in manufacturing atta since the last 50 years. Raghav Gupta, Founder, Jiwa Atta adds, “We have been fortunate that Dr Haridas Rao who is a Phd in roti making and the Late Dr Venkata Rao who was a Phd in nutrition studies apart from nutritionists and chefs have helped us in curating Jiwa Attas.”

Normally nutritious and tasty don’t go together but you get both with Jiwa Attas. They are also convenient to use and offer a range of 10 varieties to choose from. If you had to prepare theplas imagine the time it would take right from buying the ingredients, cleaning the methi, getting the proportions of ingredients right to preparing them. With Jiwa Thepla Atta, you can prepare authentic theplas complete with kasuri methi, dhaniya, pudina and sesame which are already included in the atta. Ditto for Missi Atta.

Apart from these traditional attas, Jiwa has given a healthy twist to Chakki Fresh Atta by adding probiotics which aid digestion and boost the body’s immunity. The Multigrain Atta will give you balanced nutrition while the Nutra Soya Atta is prepared with good quality soybean pearls that are rich in proteins and blended with sharbati whole wheat, toasted wheat germ and sea salt.

jiwa atta, khursheed dinshaw,, food and lifestyle bloggerThe Gluten Free Atta gets you the required nutrients by blending brown rice, jowari, sand puffed Bengal gram, gaur gum and sea salt. For diabetics, there is the Diabetic Care Atta which contains dicoccum wheat. For roti and paratha lovers who suffer from blood pressure, the Blood Pressure Care Atta which is rich in potassium is suitable.

For fitness aficionados’, Jiwa has specially formulated the Fitness Atta packed with quinoa and amaranth which are loaded with proteins. Using the Slimming Atta is the natural and appetizing way to speed up metabolism, burn fat and keep a check on your calorie consumption and still taste yummy.



Khursheed Dinshaw.

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