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Lucknawi Food Festival – 20th may – 5th june


People behind Kama, the fine dine Indian restaurant at the Radisson Blu, Kaushambi surely know how to keep the restaurant in limelight. This place is definitely one of the best options in the East side of the capital. Chef Vishal Nigam knows inside out about the cuisines he offers and it is hard to find fault in his creations. Few days back I visited Kama for their Kashmiri Food Festival, which in my opinion was a lighter version of the otherwise rich cuisine. The dishes served there were inspired by the Kasmiri Pandit style of cooking, which was really unique.

This time I went to try their Lucknawi Food Festival. The spices in every dish were less intense, which is refreshing in summers, but there was no compromise in technique and the taste. The mutton was falling off the bone where it should have and the kebabs were melt-in-the-mouth which they should have been. It was an absolute treat.

The Chef was bold enough to serve ‘Bel ki Sharbat’ (which was not as bitter as one would expect) as a welcome drink along with the amuse-bouche ‘Chana Jor Garam Tart’.  I found ‘Kathal ke Kebab’ really interesting, which were inspired by the Lucknawi Kayastha Cuisine. Since my mother too belongs to a Lucknawi Kayastha family, kathal (jackfruit) has been an integral part of the food cooked at my home. But we are hardcore non-vegetarians so no kebabs, apart from mutton, have we found the need to venture into.

Other dishes that stood out for me were Mutton Galauti kebabs, Chicken Banno Kebab, Mutton Taar Korma, Dal-E-Kama and Mutton Biryani. Mutton Taar Korma was my favourite of the lot. Not only the meat was soft and tender but the gravy was outstanding too. When you try to pick up the thick gravy with your bread, its strands lift up like a wire before leaving the plate, that’s why the name. In the Kashmiri Food Festival, I found the special breads Sheermal and Khamiri too hard but the chefs here seem to have improved on it that’s why these were perfectly soft.

Their presentation of the desserts really impressed me. Khajoor Mango Sheer Brang, which is their version of the Phirni was served on a swing (jhula) decorated with flowers, Moong Dal halwa was served on a mini cot (charpai) and Kulfi was served alongside a flower pot. I really couldn’t fault their taste.

Festivals like this give an opportunity to these 5 star restaurants to showcase their culinary skills. Stand alone restaurants are lately gaining huge popularity, as they complement the overall shopping and movie going experience, but we must not ignore these less explored gems which give you a superior and exclusive dining out experience. I would highly recommend you to go and enjoy the Lucknawi food festival while it’s still on.

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