The solitude of the forest, the pathway of stones and mud and the challenge of trekking to Rajmachi starting late evening were what initially egged us on to reach the Rajmachi Campsite of Letscampout. For most of us, it was our first trek.  

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, Letscampout, khursheed dinshaw, Rajmachi CampsiteFor me the highlight of the trek were the fireflies. Some solitary, some in groups all glowing and welcoming you into their territory. Since it was night fall, the trees came alive with these glittering fireflies and it is an experience in itself to see thousands of them light up their surroundings often in synchronized rhythm. Once you reach the Letscampout Rajmachi Campsite, the sense of accomplishment and adreline high are unparalled.

Even the campsite had these winged sparkly beings which gave me company as I ate my dinner which is freshly prepared by the villagers. Letscampout which organizes campsites across Maharashtra promotes sustainable tourism by providing eco friendly camp sites, using solar lighting and by helping villagers to be financially independent either by employing them or sourcing the dinner and breakfast from them.

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, Letscampout, khursheed dinshaw, Rajmachi CampsiteThe tents are imported Coleman tents that are roomy. A regular tent can accommodate three people while they even have tents for large families. The next morning you can walk to the small lake and ancient Shiva Temple. The Rajmachi Fort makes for another trek if you are up to it. Breakfast at Letscampout was adrak wali chai and poha.

Alternately if you prefer a campsite near a water body which is relaxing, the Letscampout’s Shirota Camp is ideal for you. Set in the vicinity of the Shirota Lake, once you reach the camp, you can experience the crystal clear water of the lake, the delicious barbeque prepared in front of you and the bonfire where you catch up with your family and friends either chatting away through the night or playing antakshari amidst nature. The wondrous sunrise the next morning followed by breakfast and then the drive back home make for a good wilderness memory.

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