I gave you lot of insight about #BOTR in my previous post.

Now it’s time for some action – All about #BOTR and our first road trip to #Amritsar.

We started at around 5.30 AM in the morning and were expecting to reach Amritsar in 7-8 hours considering the shooting, eating and chitchatting in mind. The distance between Delhi and Amritsar is roughly around 450KMs.

After lot of discussion and arguments (no fight sadly :P) , everyone agreed to stop at Murthal to just have tea ( Well, it is interesting that we also had parantha, though had just planned to have a cuppa). Ahujal No 1 dhaba is our preferred choice at Murthal.

Why Murthal ? It’s overhyped, not the good stuff any longer, no dhabas…..the list of not liking Murthal can go long and hence you must be wondering……….Why Murthal?!

famous paratha of murthal, mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad
Our First Stop – Paratha and chai at Murthal

I did think that you would ponder which places would we stop and would we stop at the usual. Before I answer, let me ask you a question. When was the last time while going towards Chandigarh, you skipped Murthal? This is the usual stop and yet, with the numerous joints, flourishing dhabas,and not so great dhabas, people do stop at Murthal for a quick bite. This place always has customers who stop by to have their meal or simply grab a quick munch. We are on a road trip and will do the ordinary and not just extraordinary. We didn’t have the heart to skip!

Ford Ecosport, mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad
And That’s me

We had aloo pyaz and paneer( potato, onion and cottage cheese) paratha which perhaps contributes 60% of their total food order along with tea. Generous amount of white butter on paratha is not for faint hearted people: P.

After a big burp we moved and started our journey again. If you wish to skip Murthal ( I know it’s not easy 😛 ), you can also stop at 70 Milestone dhaba (This is great too).

Our next stop was Jhilmil Dhaba at Karnal. It wasn’t a good experience. The butter was yellow and the server insisted that this is how we get here. It had a foul smell. We enjoyed our tea though. Suggestions –Skip Jhilmil Dhaba.

The destination was still far away and we were kind of behind our schedule. Our blogger partner Nikhil was quiet enjoying driving the new ford ecosport( a big thanks to him for driving as it was great relief for me and I was happily behind the driver’s seat). The back seat of Ford Ecosport was quiet comfortable as well and I was all along enjoying our chitchats along with drinking different flavours of PaperBoat. Chilli guava, Jamun and aamras were my favorites and were super delicious.

Embarking a journey with likeminded people is unparalleled to anything that you would ever encounter. Time would just fly and you wouldn’t realize how priceless and intensified your experiences and memories are! After hours of driving we reached Jalandhar, where we decided to stop for late lunch. All this while our host at Hyatt Amritsar were anxious as we were behind our schedule. However, we were on this roadtrip to gain experience on our journey and share the same later with world, including the memories that we cherished.

Haveli, Jalandhar is the first haveli that got opened is still the best on the entire stretch from Delhi to Amritsar. Food here is absolutely amazing. We ordered dal makhni, aloo wadi ki sabji, assorted breads and lassi. Dal makni was perfect and so was the lassi. The highlight of the meal was aloo wadi ki sabji. We had a soul gratifying meal here!

After a delicious lunch, we began our journey again. It was the last stretch and the the road ahead was a single lane. It took us more time than we anticipated and we finally reached Amritsar.

We were greeted by the staff of Hyatt Amritsar and after a refreshing welcome drink, we completed our formalities of check-in and headed to our respective rooms.

As I laid on the cozy bed, I realized I was tired and yet thrilled with the journey that we covered and the journey that laid ahead. I will share more in my next post.

#BOTRPartner – Hyatt Amritsar Ford Motor Company Paper Boat

Lunch at haveli, Jalandhar , mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad
Our Second Stop – Haveli, Jalandhar

Lunch at haveli, Jalandhar , mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad Lunch at haveli, Jalandhar , mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad Lunch at haveli, Jalandhar , mysticfoodiemantra.com, road trip, BOTR, #bloggersontheroad

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