As I have always shared, mobile phones have become such an integral part of our life that at times we feel incomplete without it. I am a gadget freak and love to experiment with gadgets I use and exploring the features.

Currently I am using Asus’s latest budget phone Zenfone Max which is currently priced at INR 9,900. This device has Octa processor with 2GBRAM. I would suggest you to should go for 3GB RAM as it has more power.

Now it’s been almost 3 weeks and I have been using this phone. The best part of this phone is its battery backup. The mammoth 5000mAh can easily last for more than 1 day even if you are a heavy user. For person like me, whose life revolves around phone to upload pictures on Instagram, search on google, click pictures, chatting on whatsapp; this phones seems to be the most ideal phone – I am on social media most of the time and yet the battery life is incredible! With an increasing use of 3G and 4G data and in streaming videos and playing games – typically battery goes dead – but not with Asus SenFone Max. The alternate solution is to have a power bank, but typically I do not carry an additional gadget all the time especially the power hubs. This phone will solve all the battery problems – charge and forget! Asus seems to have have revolutionized communications, allowing us to talk, message and video chat with family and friends and this being also a portable video player, cameras, an all-round business phone as well as a complete entertainer and none of it would be feasible without the longevity of battery life.

As far as design are concerned it’s pretty much the same, though device is heavier that it’s previous zenfone models because of the huge battery.

Major selling point besides the battery is that Asus sticks to basic i.e. the volume and power button on the side and below the screen, there’s  “touch” Home button along with menu and back buttons. Another plus point is the 32 GB in built memory and I don’t need to have an external card, but you can still chip in if you want.

My only concern for this device is that the finger print sensor is not like the previous ones. The low resolutions of the screen is a let-down.  However, with the kind of power backup it has, it’s surely going to attract larger customer since this is the major problem every smart phone user face

Whether you are a Millennial or Gen X – Asus ZenFone Max (2016) phone makes you remain online for long and is worth every bit of it. It is powerful, generally well-designed, and everything a Android phone should be. The screen could be a little higher-res, yet this cellphone grooves.

Reverse Charging: ZenFone Max has the stamina to charge other devices too! You can connect your gadget to turn ZenFone Max into an instant power bank

You can read the full technical review here.

Asus Zenfone Max User Review Asus Zenfone Max User Review Asus Zenfone Max User Review Asus Zenfone Max User Review Asus Zenfone Max User Review Asus Zenfone Max User Review


Disclaimer : For This Review, The Company Had Given This Phone For Personal Usage

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