The uniqueness of Delhi -6 is such that you can enjoy not only different culture but different cuisines as well. We all know that how Shahjahan shifted his capital from Agra to Shajahanabad and then how he got business fraternity from Rajasthan to settle here which we now know as Chandni chowk.

This is the month of Ramzan and for people who love food, this is the time to celebrate and feast too! Matia Mahal and other parts close to jama masjid become the hot spot for meat lovers from different parts of city. I am sharing my favourite places where you can eat during ramzan and even when festivities isn’t round the corner.

This post isn’t about meat trail. These are some of the places in Chandni chowk which are not only famous for their vegetarian affair but also quiet famous for their scrumptious breakfast.

Places like Ashok chaat bhandar at chawdi bazar, jain sandwich and some of the unknown places that  serve amazing chole kulche on nai sarak; JP sweets for excellent kachori;  rewari mishthan for bedmi puri ( Subzi isn’t that great).

Interestingly, this is one of my rare posts, where I share my vegetarian delight!

Kamal Sweets, Pahadi Dheeraj – if you are a bedmi puri lover this place should be on top of your list. Undoubtedly the best bedmi puri in town. His double frying technique is so unique and makes puri absolutely crisp. The subji that he serves along with the puri has combination of flavours and you crave for more with every bite that you partake. A must try!

Shiv Mishtan Bhandar, Near Fathenpuri Masjid – This is the second best place for bedmi puri. The jalebis are quiet good and so is the nagori halwa.

Chaina Ram – one of the oldest sindhi sweet shop in Delhi famous for it’s ghawar. Though it isn’t my favourite, but people love it. You must try their puri sabji You wouldn’t say it’s a bhatura. Nor would you call it bedmi. It’s simple puri and yet quiet famous.

Mahalaxmi Mishtan Bhandar – if you are fan of nagori halwa, you must visit this place. This is one of my favourite place for nagori halwa. Caveat – You have to reach before 7A, else you wouldn’t get hot edibles

Shyam Sweets, Chowk Barshahbulla – another famous place for bedmi puri and halwa. Though over the years this has become commercial and the quality has gone down, yet it continues to be popular.

I have not shared on the famous lotan ke chole kulche, as it has no flavour except for the hotness which comes from excessive use of red chilli, however if your palette loves this, you should try!

Would love to see your favourite places of Chandni chowk .


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