Unique whole vegetables, vibrant colours and a scrumptious crunchy taste in every bite of each chip- that is what Terra Chips offers with its 3 flavours of Original, Mediterranean and Blues. Launched 6 months back in India, Original and Mediterranean chips are made from real whole exotic vegetables like pale yellow-white yucca, the white with purple brown lined taro, batata or Cuban sweet potato, parsnip, sweet potato and ruby dipped vegetables which have been infused with beetroot juice. Blues is a natural Blue Potato chip. Yes, you actually have blue potatoes that are natural. Majority of the over 4 million pounds of blue potatoes that Terra uses annually is sourced from LaJoie Family, who has a fifth generation family farm in Van Buren, Maine.
What I like is that the chips are made with non-GMO ingredients, are gluten free and certified kosher. Also in one single pack of Original and Mediterranean flavours, you get a variety of textures and flavours thanks to each of the exotic vegetables. And the joy of biting into a real blue potato chip is unparalleled. I found the chips to be crispy exactly as they should be with no oily after taste on your palate. They are so delicious that you can polish off an entire yummy packet in one go. It’s actually quite interesting to eat root vegetables in their Terra glamorous avatar.

Terra chips, khursheed dinshaw, mysticfoodiemantra.comThe brand uses expeller pressed oils including safflower oil, sunflower oil and canola oil. Expeller pressed oils are mechanically extracted oils, as opposed to chemically extracted oils. The Blues flavour requires a proprietary frying process which results in reductions in fat. It has 40% less fat than leading potato chips. Terra has got quality, consistency and its endeavour is to look at vegetables that are unique, followed by determining which of these would work well as a chip, what temperature each vegetable would fry best and imparting trendy seasoning.

99% of the brand’s solid ingredient waste is recycled. On an average 135 tons per month of non-usable vegetable waste of Terra are used to produce feed pellets for cattle.
Terra Chips are available in all major gourmet stores like Foodhall, Nature’s Basket and online on amazon.in and big basket.
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/terrachipsindia/
website- www.terrachipsindia.com

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