The capital has off late seen a series of culinary festivals ranging from maggi to dimsum, wine, chocolate and street food. But what it is yet to witness is a noodles festival that is in place and has been effortlessly curated by Chef Rajan Pradhan of Stellar (earlier known as Nom Nom) Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri. In recent times, noodles have gained prominence in the Indian household. So much so, that you’d find majority of people enlisting it as staple. And with the onset of summer vacations, introduction of a festival that would be cherished by people of all ages is spectacular, especially in a city that has never seen it before.

From soups to salads to mains, there are twenty-six dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, made out of ten different types of noodles. The incredible variety is delightful even for someone who is not a noodles enthusiast. One would find Yaki udon, Yaki soba, Glass noodles, Spaghetti noodles, rice vermicelli noodles, hakka noodles, dan dan and egg noodles.

We had a plethora of dishes at our disposal when we were invited to experience the initial bout. And the best part about it all was that everyone got to taste and remember something. Whether one is a vegetarian or someone who relishes egg, spice buff or someone who would prefer bland food, there’s something delicious for everyone.

We laid our hands on the Asian style chicken and broccoli noodle soup, Singapore style fish ball and pakchoy egg noodle soup, Thai Basil noodles, Crunchy fried noodles, Thai style vegetable glass noodle salad, Chinese lo mein noodles, Cold Asian noodle salad with peanut and sesame Yaki udon, Japanese Yakisoba noodles, Indonesian stir fried noodles and Bakmi Goreng. And as is evident from the names of the dishes available, the festival explores and presents to you noodle recipes of not only numerous types but from different cuisines; Hungarian, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian.

Given a choice, I would definitely recommend the Asian Zuchini Salad along with Bakmi Goreng made with Japanese noodle and vegetables/chicken/prawn/roasted duck. The Chinese crispy hakka noodle could leave a burning hole in your tongue if you are not someone who savors spices. But you could mellow it down by ordering yakisoba noodle with assorted mushrooms which is quite low on spices and extremely delicious.

In the curator’s words, “You get noodles everywhere these days. And it has become a comfort food for the greater part of the population. So we decided to give the city its first noodle festival with authenticate recipes from all over the world.” Starting from the 15th May, a diner would be able to relish these delicacies at the pan Asian restaurant till 30th June. In this blazing heat, it is highly recommended to settle in the comfortable environment of Stellar and enjoy noodles with a cooler. For the inquisitive minds and experimental palates, what is also recommended is an extensive digging of the menu and a convenient conversation with the chef who would love to guide you through your meal!

Noodle Festival at Stellar starts  from Today till  June 30th 

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