GK 1 M Block Market gets a new Gastropub called Londoners. A small staircase in the middle of the market leads you to this three storied outlet which, to my surprise, is quite spacious. You can easily miss the stairs if you do not pay attention. Two out of three floors are the indoor seating areas which are largely inspired by the British flag Union Jack. The spacious gastropub provides different seating options such as high rise chairs, low rise chairs and sofas. The pretty terrace on the top floor had sprinklers installed still no one chose to sit there in this hot weather.

When I zipped through the first page of the menu I was impressed by the British Classics such Scotch Eggs, Scottish Fish Cakes, Toad in the Hole, Clay Pot Meals etc. I have fond memories attached to them as whenever I used to visit my aunt (dad’s sister) in Britain, she used to cook these classics for me. Even I’ve successfully attempted to recreate her recipe of Toad in the Hole with the sausages, wheat & egg batter and most importantly the hot gravy. I believethat this place, if not the only one, is definitely one of the very few places which serve these classics.

Londoners, GK1 market, mysticfoodiemantra.com, abhishek swarup, maneesh srivastva lifestyle and travel blogger Not only the menu has a chunky slice of Britain, it also carries a host of Asian dishes, Indian dishes and a large variety of fusion burgers, pizzas and pies.  After all it needs to cater to Delhi crowd which needs its Chilli Chicken and Paneer Tikka. In fact the staple dish of London Pubs is also Chicken Tikka Masala.

I was quite curious to know how the Toad in the Hole was made and to my surprise it was quite good, but the fact that chicken sausages were used instead of pork could not do much justice to the dish. Londoners Water Chestnuts in Chilli Pum Sauce was outstanding. This was my first encounter with water chestnuts made Asian style so the ultra smooth texture came as a pleasant surprise to me. Good Ol’ Aloo Took was quite crisp and had the right amount of spices. It was served with Chilli Tamarind Mayo which elevated its flavor. The taste of Butter Chicken Pie was quite predictable but the pie tart was really well made. Londoner Leg and Peg was their own take on the Tangri Kebab which involved the theatrics of pouring sizzling rum on the chicken drumsticks. The touch of alcohol made the already great tasting chicken legs divine.

Londoners, GK1 market, mysticfoodiemantra.com, abhishek swarup, maneesh srivastva lifestyle and travel blogger Fish & Chips didn’t strike the right chord with me. Almost every pub in Delhi is trying to recreate its own version of this British classic, but not even one has been able to successfully nail it. One thing I would highly recommend is the Bread and Butter Pudding. Its mild buttery, creamy, crunchy texture would definitely encourage you to come back.

With this pub, the owner Paritosh Mittal has tried to give you a glimpse of London. To some extent he has been successful, but for me this is very much Indian-at-heart Pub that serves a few British classics. The Bar menu also shouts London as it churns out cocktails such as Baker Street, Oxford Street, Piccadily Circus and the likes. Apart from the name what is so British about them is still a mystery. Is Sherlock Holmes listening?

Quick Bites

1st floor, M25,
M Block Market,
Greater Kailash 1
New Delhi
096430 68222

You can find them on facebook here.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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