It’s digital. The era and the time has come for digital world. In my five years of blogging career I have observed, numerous print magazine going offline, all the national newspaper spending more time as well as manpower in digital space. It’s fast, more accessible and more convenient. Digital age is expanding rapidly.

Apps are the future and it’s all about convenience. We rely heavily on our cell phones and tablets to store details. It is our second self that keeps us reminding about various events/opportunities and to a certain extent on what we should be doing. That’s how technology has advanced – And this is where our digital head is heading towards – everything available with a single click – everything that comes handy! Gourmet Passport too decided to go the app way – natural and progressive approach. Well, when everything is available on/via phone, why should we carry a book?

I asked this basic question to Rocky Mohan, the Co-Founder of DGC Club, Brand Ambassador of Old Monk, one of the most prolific food writer (he has written several bestselling cooking books). His answer was simple – its digital age and we should be forward looking!

It’s easy, it’s convenient and it’s on the go. The best part about this app is you can buy it anywhere, anytime and you don’t have to order and wait. Start eating and start saving.

Currently gourmet passport app is available in Delhi, however very soon it will be in cities like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The app currently has more than 80 top restaurants of Delhi/NCR, including some of the top restaurants in the five star category too. Another feature of the app – Restaurants that gets added, will get updated on your phone as well.

It’s simple to use and easy to install. Just log on to app store on apple or play store on google. Few clicks and we get going!

Also this App is separate from the Gourmet Passport book as Rocky announced.

*The Gourmet Passport app follows the success of the Gourmet Passport book which has won many followers over the past 3 editions. In the app, they stick to the original proposition which is buy one main course, get one main course free in the curated list of 80-100 top-rated restaurants of Delhi NCR & soon to expand. 

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