Are you out for work or pleasure in this brutal weather and are looking for some respite?

If yes, hop down to the favourite bookstore of the town, Oxford at Connaught place. And you’ll be amused to find not only a plethora of bookshelves that draw you towards them but an exciting new addition to the menu of the capital’s most loved café.

This summers, Cha Bar introduces refreshing drinks and desserts curated by Chef Namrata from The Park. Many seasonal fruits make it to the summer menu in the form of either a drink or a dessert. In the chef’s words, “ The customers needed more desserts so we played with some of the common favourites (fruits) and created this new menu for them”.

Summer coolers have already been added to the menu for the enthusiasts while desserts might take a day or two to be included in the same. There is a list of six coolers that you could chose from. Sattu cooler to beat the summer blues, Jal zeera which would be my personal favourite and something that I would strongly recommend you to lay your hands at, Aam Panna for the mango lovers (served without boondi), Green apple soda, Pink Lemonade and Green Japanese Matcha shake. The last being the most intriguing, considering the growing fondness of green tea in our country. Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It is believed that one serving of the matcha tea is equivalent to ten cups of regularly brewed green tea. The desserts have been conceptualised with Cha Bar’s basic philosophy of offering delicious, healthy food that doesn’t cast a hole in any pocket. Nor do they increase your calorie count to hazardous limits- thanks to the graciously appropriate serving size.

It’s economic and it’s simple. They’re neither competing with a patisserie nor challenging your palate. They’ve just introduced a new list of refreshing items that sustain the curiosity and excitement around food. And that is what helps them maintain their status as the most loved café.

Among the desserts, there are baked grape pie, Litchi mousse, Mango baked cheese cake, Jamun Brule and coconut panacotta with fresh mango puree. While the litchi mousse is light enough, the Jamun brule might disappoint a fanatic. But I’d still appreciate the sustained essence of the fruit.

And so was the case with every dessert we tried. It does come down to individual palates and personal favourites in the end. For me, the coconut panacotta with fresh mango puree and litchi mousse worked the best.

Events and campaigns like these that focus on casual dining act like an innovative breakthrough in today’s time when gourmet is sweeping diners off their feet. All the more, when they converge at a healthy forefront and present ways in which fruits can be incorporated into our daily diet.

So head to cha bar and enjoy the fruitomania in its relaxed atmosphere.

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