Date – 29th April to 15th May 
Restaurant: Dilli 32, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel
Timings: 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Buffet – INR 1232( Plus taxes) PP 

GT Road, as we all know, its importance from trading point of view. Some of these traders were cultural carriers as well. Food being an integral part of any culture, these traders carried their cuisine that got mixed with local cuisines.

Dilli 32 at Leela Convention hotel is doing a GT Road Culinary journey where the first stop was Amritsar. You may want to read it again. Here is the link

So the journey has now reached Delhi and the Chef Duo – Executive Chef Rohit Tokhi and CDC Ashwini Kumar Singh has now created the feel of Delhi at Dill 32. As I had shared earlier, Dilli 32 is not only the finest restaurant serving Indian food but also, Chef Ashwini is perhaps one of the best Indian chef I have come across. His passion, research, enthusiasm as well as his devotion is class apart.

It’s always tough to pen down your experiences and at times you feel short of words to share such magnificent experiences. That’s what I felt, after returning from the special preview of the Culinary Journey of GT Road that has now reached Delhi.

Food of Delhi can be roughly divided into three parts or I would say into 3 geographical areas.

  1. Chandni chowk where during Shahjahan’s reign, marwaris came from rajshthan and their food is predominantly vegetarian.
  2. Muslims who came from agra in delhi and Shahjahan made his capital Shanjahanabad which is now jama masjid and its surroundings.
  3. People who came from different part of the country and from Pakistan, post partition. These were immigrants. Everyone who came to Delhi introduced their cuisine that over a period of time, got mixed with local cuisines or were confined to home. Kayastha cuisine is one such cuisine that now a days you will mostly get at home.

Take Paise which are balls made of besan cooked in thich gravy or arbi ka salan which is inspired from murgi salan are some of the kayastha dishes that you will find at the GT Road Culinary Trip.

Chef Ashwini and his team have done some extensive research on the food of Purani delhi. Sattu with gur( sugarcane jaggary) which you will find only in the by lanes of matia mahal.

From raan-e-jahangiri to changezi chichen which now has a cult status in Delhi along with Anmol ka – the famous butter wala chicken – Every dish cooked, has been inspired from these famous places. These dishes not only have the typical jama masjid flavour but also has its own unique touch.

Burrah and the aloo gosht were perhaps the most outstanding dish. Having said that, it doesn’t take away the richness and amazing taste that other dishes have. Well, I shouldn’t miss to mention the superior bedmi puri along with aloo sabji and kaddu ki sabji. This also reminded me that bedmi is essentially a marwari dish which has traversed from Rajasthan to other parts of north India. This has also become an essential nastha (breakfast) of Agra and Mathura and other parts of UP.

I polished off my aloo gosht, arbi ka salan and dal arhar kaeri along with excellent shermal and khamiri naan.

We all love visiting old Delhi to relish the food, however at times fail to manage walking down those narrow lanes, especially in scorching heat. Well, now you can head to Dilli 32 to relive and rejoice the food from dill 6 which has been recreated by genius chef Ashwini!

This festival is on till 15th of May and open for Dinner only. Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, , Dill 32, Grand Trank Road Culinary Journey, The Leela Convention HotelManeesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, , Dill 32, Grand Trank Road Culinary Journey, The Leela Convention Hotel

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