Wine culture in India is growing at a very fast speed. Couple of years back it was considered as an elite drink. Vineyards have been the properties of kings and lords for centuries in Europe, labelling wine as the elite beverage. Wine was, and is today an eloquent choice, as it’s still complex and requires learning and experience to unfold it’s mystery (taste).One of the reason it is not very popular amongst the middle class society in our country that constitutes almost 50 % of the population. Wine taste show that you have taken time to understand complex things. Wine also has its association with history as well as religion. I came across this interesting article:

Wine festivals are not very common in india unlike the European country where It is celebrated at a very large scale. Except for Sula fest and Bandra Wine Festival we hardly have anything which is specific to wine festival.

The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi in association with Sibarita – The pleasure principle, hosted the first ever  “The International Vine and Food Experience 2016”, curated by renowned Sommelier Keith W Edgar along with the crème de la crème of the wine industry on 25th and 26th March, 2016.

The very first day of the two day long grand festival started with “wine tasting” where more than 50 wineries across globe including most of the Indian wineries showcased their finest selections of wine. This event was divided in two sections and was curated in a way that each section had a place for holding small masterclasses during the tasting session. The most fascinating aspect was the pricing. At 1500INR you get chance to taste more than 100 labels of different variety of wines from world’s leading wineries.

Taj also had small sections of varieties of grills, fruits, cheese and other food items that you can relish along with wine

The two day extravaganza ended with a gala dinner and a promise that next time it will be larger than what we experienced!


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