Café G at Crown Plaza Gurgaon after renovation is perhaps one of the most talked about all day dining in Gurgaon. The vibrant colours, selection of dishes and the open live kitchen gives the café a very lively look. At the Japanese you can enjoy the live teppanyaki too. Chef Aryanto Ajie is always his usual energetic and full of enthusiasm.

This Japanese food festival is different here. The focus is on Yoshoku (fusion westernize Japanese food). This also means that you will get some super experimental food. We started with cold salads that also had baby octopus,. Broccoli and shitake salad too was very refreshing. The fusion bruschetta was good.

Yoshoku (fusion westernize Japanese food) Festival at Cafe G, Crown Plaza Today, GurgaonWe moved to the teppanyaki section where Chef promised us to give us some fusion American Japanese food. The sushi tempura was perhaps the dish of the day. You would love to eat the fusion of authentic Japanese and the modern American. The sautéed sushi with vegetable done on teppanyaki was absolutely experimental but at the same time it had the zing which will make you crave for more.

Nimono Kansai Chicken Stew(Dice chicken, potato, carrot, mushrooms, in light ginger soy gravy) and Hamburg Patty Curry in the  main course were absolutely delicious.

We finished our meal with Castella Cheese (Japanese silk soft sponge cake) which was very light and absolutely superb.

My gratitude towards Chef Aryanto Ajie for introducing to a new cuisine which is great fusion of Japanese and American cuisine – that surely has to potential to raise to popularity!

Date – 15th to 24th April, 2016

Timings – 1900 hrs – 2330 hrs

Price – Rs. 2300 + taxes

Venue – Cafe G


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