Pizza express is one place I really appreciate for the freshness and quality of the preparation. Be it pizzas or its range of Entrées and Antipasti, the taste of everything is really good and more importantly consistent. In fact they boast over their tomato sauce as being the best available anywhere in the country.

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, pizza express, mall of india, Abhishek swarup The founder of this international chain, Peter Boizot, believes in keeping it simple which he thinks is the best way to maintain consistency in their recipes. That’s the reason why the food served in their 500+ restaurants worldwide is flawlessly consistent. Their secret dough recipe has not been changed since the first restaurant came into existence and they use it in almost every recipe.

I have previously visited their Vasant Kunj outlet and loved everything about the ambience as well as the food. The Noida outlet, though has a much more casual atmosphere, it won’t disappoint. While the walls of this ultra spacious outlet are adorned with the names of various landmarks of Noida, the open kitchen will definitely catch your fancy where you can watch the entire process of making the dough and the pizzas.

Some of the dishes that I tried were:

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, pizza express, mall of india, Abhishek swarup Spiendini Di Gambero: This prawns-on-skewer dish was cooked to perfection. The prawns were cooked well and the infusing of chilli flavor added a nice zing to the whole dish. Skewers were served with a salad of watermelon, olives, rocket leaves and lemon. All the ingredients in the salad were fresh though I couldn’t understand why were not seasoned or dressed. But overall it was an enjoyable dish.

Bruschetta Piccante: This is their own take on the Bruschetta. Instead of using a White Bread Baguette slices, they use their fresh baked dough which is topped with with fontal cheese and jalapenos, then finished with rocket and emilgrana cheese. The flavor was spicy and fresh dough added freshness to the taste.

Risotto Funghi Con Pesto: I simply loved their risotto. It was really authentic and rich. Every bite took me to Italy. This risotto dish consisting of mushroom, basil pesto and topped with rocket and shaved emilgrana cheese was a pure delight.

Sassi: A pizza with whipped cream on base was supposed to be topped with fennel chilli sausage, mozzarella, chopped red onion flavoured with fresh thyme, and finished with rocket and emilgrana crisps though I could not find any chopped red onion and the sausages were actually bite sized meatballs. This particular pizza did not appeal to me much but I really liked the way the emilgrana was crisped up on a pan.

Formaggi 65: This thick crust pizza shouted cheese cheese and cheese. It was topped with mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and emilgrana. It was further garnished with shaved emilgrana. You can imagine it’s a cheese lover’s dream come true. Surprisingly the pizza was not a thick mess but was beautifully balanced with the flavours of different cheeses and the tomato sauce was to die for.

Banoffee Pie: A beautiful toffee and banana based dessert is a winner when it comes to taste. They offer you to try it with Mascarpone, which I have tried before, but this time we tried it with vanilla ice cream and it tasted great with it too.

Cheesecake: One of the best cheesecakes available in NCR. Highly recommended!

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, pizza express, mall of india, Abhishek swarup Not only the food, their mocktails are also great. We tried Berry Fresca which consisted of Raspberry  juice, fresh mint topped with sprite and Zenzero Fresca, a mocktail consisting of actual pieces of carrot, orange juice, ginger and lemon juice. Both the drinks were very refreshing. This place is perfect for a family outing and well suited after a day full of shopping to sit and relax yourself and your shopping bags.

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