Honey- it not only infuses you with sweetness but has amazing healing properties as well. And Pure Gold Honey located at The Paradise Heritage is a 20 year old venture which apart from natural honey offers some interesting varieties like karvi, neem, pissa, jambul, hirda, gella, wild flower, akhra, whayty and kesari honey which is made from kesar flowers from Kashmir.

What makes karvi honey special is that the karvi flower blooms once in 7 years on the Sahyadri range and the honey helps in bone building and providing calcium.

I was intrigued by the organic raw wild forest neem honey of the brand and found that it has a bitter tinge to it and is comparatively thicker than most other honey. It is good for improving eye sight and complexion, purifies blood and is a natural tonic for kids. While I was choosing which variety to take, a couple from Gujarat walked in to buy jambul honey. We got chatting and the husband who is a diabetic mentioned that he came to Pure Gold for this honey which can be consumed by diabetics.

While natural honey is made from a variety of flowers, gella honey is procured from the gella flower and is good for the eyes and is a brain tonic. Husain Mala, Founder, Pure Gold and The Paradise Heritage says, “We have our own bee keeping farm and also get honey from local bee keeping farmers.  Cleaning the raw honey is crucial as it may contain bee wax, ants, leaves or other plant material. By boiling honey, its impurities rise to the top and are removed. The clean honey is packed and sold.”

At Pure Gold, I learnt that pissa honey helps in body building, hirda honey treats constipation and gas and akhra honey is recommended for asthma. After buying honey, I walked to Café Berry’s next door to savour strawberry with cream which came in a huge glass. As I scooped the eye catching and palate pleasing multilayered cream, chopped strawberries and ice cream, I got greedy and ordered sweet corn cheese samosas which were delicious as well. Pizzas are also served at Café Berry’s.

What I liked about The Paradise Heritage is that it is not a mere buying and grabbing a bite kind of place. It is an experience, one that the Mala family has lovingly crafted. On one side is the vintage enclosure with a car, scooter and buggy which was a part of the Syedna’s 100th birthday celebrations. The sit out is amidst flowering bougainvillea and shady trees while the courtyard itself has a heritage look with red stone.

You can find them on facebook here.

Telephone Number- 02168 241052 / 242292

Email- pureberrys@gmail.com
Khursheed Dinshaw

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