Baisakh Food Festival, Eros Hotel Nehru Place

Whenever I go to Eros Hotel Nehru Place for any food promotion, it has always been a wonderful experience. They put lot of efforts not only on food but also focus a lot, in setting up the theme. Whether its use of props, dress of servers or the setup – their efforts enhances the whole experience of the food promotion.
Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, baisakh food festival, eros hotel Nehru place This time it was Baiskh food promotion at Blooms which is their all day dinning. According to the hindu calendar, Baisakh is the second month of the year which falls during march/April but in Bengal and Punjab it’s the first month of the year and hence the celebratiosn! In Bengal it is called Poila boishakh and in Punjab it is celebrated as Baisakhi. The month of baisakh also marks the official start of summer.
The preparation begins from the lobby where they have an interesting interpretation of the festival. Chef Suprabhat and F&B Director Umesh, were present on the day when we went to taste the food along with PR Manager Nupur Gupta. The festival has food from four different states – Punjab, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerala. Assuming that you can clearly visualize the varieties that you will get to taste.

Maneesh Srivastva, food , travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer, baisakh food festival, eros hotel Nehru place

They have live counters from all the the four states. Tandoori kukkad and macchi Amritsar from Punjab were absolutely delicious. The phucka and jhal moori counter from west bengal would make you crave for more. The appam and stew and paniyaram from the south India counter is hard to resist.

After finishing your cravings at the live counters, you still need to have a strong appetite as you can’t afford to miss Kosha mansho, Chor chori (fresh mixed vegetable tempered with five spices),Aloo Potoler Dalna (Bengali home style curry of Pointed gourd & potato ) and Bhaja(potato, eggplant, karela) – The taste will take you to the land that has vast repertoire of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes..
Chemeen kozhumbu ( tamil spiced prawns), Puliyodharai ( iyenger style tamarind rice) – is what I would strongly recommend from south indian main counter.
You should finish your meal with mishit doi and sondesh and doda burfi.
The baishak festival at Eros Nehru Place shouldn’t be missed – A place where all the 4 states serve the delicacies – It’s just hard to find!

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