Knorr a brand that has been into the world of food since as early as 1838.What started off as a journey to procure dried soups has now turned up to be a huge success with their love for food .Today they are  more into carefully selecting  ingredients, flavours and spices for the aroma of dinner wafting through our homes. Above all, it is the love for the people that we  feed every day. They are your family and friends, relatives and guests, the people that matter to you the most.

From helping us to dish out tasty and yummy Restaurant style Chinese to Ready to cook Pasta Sauces they have been there with us. Now they are up to allure us with a range of readymade masalas. They have gone the extra mile to get us the fresh and best ingredients. When I received the packets of these grounded packet of goodness, I was pretty impressed by the packing. Ziploc packing for masalas…well that’s what each single lady cooking there might be thinking!!That not only makes it easy to stack but also fresh smelling every single time. And they actually make the food Restaurant jaisa. They have come up with ready made chef’s  masala range like Chana masala,Chicken masala,Pav bhaji masala and many more. Believe me they are so easy to use that you can actually use them every single day without too much hassles and make people literally eat their fingers.

well to start of with the  Knorr’s Chef Dal masala I was a bit amused to find something of this sort. As a masala for Dal is something very uncommon to hear. I used it the other day and voila! the missing restaurant taste was there right on my plate taking up the delectable Jeera rice a few notches higher .And I oh so loved the comfort of sitting in the comfort of my own home and gobbling up that Jeera Rice and Dal tadka. Well that’s what comfort food is all about right? My tastes buds sure did a happy dance thanking Knorr for this super amazing product.

From the bouquet of so many flavourful products that have been brought to us by Knorr’s Chef Special Range.I could just try two of them and trust me I have been waiting to try them all.

Not to forget the amazing Chef’s Special Chana masala. This one thing that has always been my favourites in restaurants.I love trying out the Chana masalas at various restaurant just to check if they are as tasty as the one I had earlier. Yes the amount of oil doesn’t deter me from doing so. Well then again that’s what being a FOODIE is all about! Coming back to the Knorr Chef’s Special Channa masala…they literally left me with a sense of satisfaction. The right colour, the perfect spice and the balance and I was sorted!

I am definitely sure that you especially the one’s who love cooking and also the one’s who don’t are just about to find the key to ‘Restaurant jaisa khana Ghar pe’!!


For more information check their website

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