Wine and chocolates are often part of beautiful love stories as both have the charm of romance attached to them. No wonder both have a great affinity to each other. The poetic fusion of the two wraps your mind, body and soul in mysterious ways. It is my personal view that most of the chocolates go well with the wine if the wine is good. In fact during childhood I could try only a limited variety of chocolates as imported chocolates were either not available or beyond our reach. It is only recently that a wide range of good quality chocolates have become readily available for our consumption. The more we get to know about wine and chocolates the more we understand how to pair them. The chocolate’s chemistry, flavor, texture and ingredients play a great role in determining which wine it’ll go with.

Art Chocolat is an academy of chocolate arts based in New Delhi and offers courses in chocolate making, chocolate packaging and chocolate presentation. It is managed by a well known chocolatier, Ms. Arti Dhingra, a graduate from Valrhona L’École du Grand Chocolat in France. She herself was there to guide us on knowing about the chocolates that we tried in the tasting session and what chocolates go with which wines.

Sula wineyards, wine and cheese appreciation, maneesh srivastva mysticfoodiemantra.comAlong with Art Chocolate, Sula Vinyards was a co-organizer of the session and their ambassador Ms. Zaheen Khatri gave us a lot of knowledge about the wide range of wines produced by Sula and how to differentiate one from the other based on the variety of grapes used, the squeeze it belongs to and most importantly its age. In the pairing session some of the wines that we paired were:

Brut – Brut, which is a full flavoured sparkling wine, is one of the few “Méthode Champenoise” wines in the world to be crafted from five different grapes – Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Sultana, Shiraz and Pinot Noir. It can be perfectly paired with creamy and mild flavours. The chocolates we tasted along with it were Fromage Noire Truffle, Chocolate Dripped Strawberry and Pineapple Marzipan.

Riesling – Reisling is a white wine with fruity flavours and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It goes well with nutty and citrus flavoured chocolates. We paired it with Peanut Caramel Dome, Orange Chocolate and Ecuador Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.

Zinfandel Rosé – This Rosé wine also has fruity tones somewhat like strawberry and honeysuckle flower. These really sweet notes go well with equally sweet and fruity flavoured chocolates such as Raspberry Milk Cup, Red berry Mendiant an Guava Ganache.

We also did chocolate pairings with Dindori Reserve Shiraz and Late Harvest Chenin Blanc. The overall experience was very enlightening and as I love wine and chocolate both, I enjoyed this session thoroughly.

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