Soothing music, comfort food and a panoramic view is what unforgettable nights are made of. I was really glad to receive an invitation to enjoy the special menu at Sky along with the performance by none other than the legendary Niazi Nizami Brothers of Hazrat Nizzamudin Aulia Dargah.

Qawwali Night at SKY, Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi, This family has a legacy of more than 750 years and consists of some of the greatest sufi singers such as Ustad Kubre Mohammad Khan Saheb, Ustaad Shaadi Khan Saheb, Ustaad Muraad Khan Saheb, Ustad Inam Ahmed Khan Saheb and now Ustad Qadar Niazi Qawwal, who has mastered the style of sufi Astana Gayaki as well as the sufi traditional. He has also groomed his sons Haider Nizami, Hasan Nizami & Imran Nizami in the traditional ‘gayaki’ of his gharana. The family had been patronized by the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Also, Ustad Inam Ahmed Khan Saheb, father of Ustad Qadar Niazi Qawwal was also known as ‘Mehboob Ragi’ and ‘Qawwali Samrat’, and the honour was given to him by the then president of India Shri. Gyani Zail Singh.

My evening was already rolling smoothly once the performance started. The almost moonlit ambience of the place was a bonus. It is Mr. Faisal Nafees, Director Operations who decided to exploit the rooftop and convert it into a skybar, which turned out to be a brilliant idea as the views from this height are truly panoramic. Self illuminated seating adds up to the beauty. Its cosmic cocktails are quite sensational and I am amazed by the fact that the menu only describes the flavours without revealing the ingredients. Sometimes revealing the name of the spirit used in the cocktail creates bias.

Qawwali Night at SKY, Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi,
The special menu created for the night consisted of a variety of kebabs and biryani. I tried Galauti Kebabs, Murgh Malai Tikka, Amritsari Fish, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Veg Spring Rolls and Surkh Aloo. Unfortunately, apart from the Galauti Kebabs and veg Spring Rolls I found all of them too dry. Even the pizza they were serving was topped with Tandoori Chicken, which I liked. We also tried Tiramisu which was basically coffee flavoured whipped cream and blueberry cheesecake which was a bit dry and grainy.

Good food makes such evenings perfect and this is the front they need to work on. Otherwise my evening was truly memorable and I hope they keep coming up with more such events in future.

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  1. Thank you MS. “R.J. Beenish Sajid” for mentioning some important and unforgettable qawwalis. The one ‘Aahen na bhari shiqwe na kiye kuch bhi na zubaan se kaam liya’ is must in the list rather in the top five. Its very enlightening to read your knowledgeable comments I expect and hope to read your comments with regularity.Yes, favouritism differs from person to person. To me ‘yeh ishq ishq hai’ from Barsaat Ki Raat is the mother of all qawwalis.This is great i really miss nusrat.All the qawalies of IS THis person best admipation of ALLAH,which realizes me that ALLAH is one and omnipresent,

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